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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Netball Results 26th May 2014

Netball Results 26th May 2014

An incredible game from the Wentworth team, with every player contributing to a well-deserved victory against Kingsway Red. Passing and movement around the court was fast and fluid, defence was determined and attempts at scoring were deadly and accurate. It was a pleasure to watch the team in only their third match. The final score was 11:2 and player of the day was Heidi McAlpine, who worked tremendously hard in the Centre role. (C Sancto)

MIniball Results - 26th May 2014

Miniball Results 26th May 2014

The Rockets took off against the Dairy Flat Stars and were mighty in both attack and defence, resulting in baskets for Rory and Isabella. Sadly, the opposition scored from a couple of long shots, leaving the final score 4:2 to Dairy Flat. Nevertheless, it was another fantastic team effort by the Rockets! Player of the Day was Rory Brabant – well done! (C Sancto)

Flippaball Results - 26th May 2014

Flippaball Results 26th May 2014
Year 3/4
The Seahorses faced tough opposition this week but maintained a cheerful attitude and enjoyed playing. There were entertaining moments and glimmers of last week’s form, which we will be focusing on in readiness for our next game. Player of the Day was Isabella Ovenden for her excellent positioning throughout the entire match. (C Sancto)
Year 5/6
The Wentworth Warriors played like a well drilled team. There was lots of passing amongst the strikes and some excellent gritty defence and goal keeping. The result was 7v1 win to the Warriors. Player of the Day was Mathias Coutts who excelled in long throws to the mid field. (C Donovan)
Year 5/6
The Wentworth Wizards had a tough game and everyone played well. Unfortunately the other team dominated in the strike zone. The Wizards lost 9v2. Player of the Day was Matthew Rist who played a superb mid field role. (C Donovan) 

Basketball Results - 26th May 2014

Basketball Results 26th May 2014

The Falcons worked hard against SGH Cruisers but were beaten by just 1 point, with the final score being 6:5 against. The team had lots of speed and many players were attacking fiercely but they were evenly matched by the Cruisers. The player of the day was Matthew Brabant, who had an excellent game. (C Sancto)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Netball Results - May 19

The netballers were in fine form this week with some excellent passing and positioning. With Y6 in Wellington, the Y5 team members proved that they could handle anything the opposition threw at them and, although they did not win, they showed that this is going to be a team to be reckoned with! Many thanks to the SGH girls who stepped in to support us this week. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant, scoring in the second half after swapping from defence to attack. 

Basketball Results - May 19

Wow! The new Wentworth Falcons were in full flight this week as they powered up and down the court, outmanoeuvring the opposition at every turn. In a twist of fate, they were beaten 6:5 in the final 30 seconds, with Blake’s last heroic effort falling through the hoop just after the whistle had blown! Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson for her swift, accurate attacking and passing.

Miniball Results - May 19

It was a determined start to the season for the Wentworth Rockets with end-to-end action and excitement as they battled furiously for the entire game. Although they did not win, the score did not reflect the efforts of the team. Player of the Day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her fierce attacking and pursuit of the ball. 

Flippaball Results - May 19

Year 5/6
Wentworth Warriors played hard and defended very well. Even though they lost there was a big improvement over their first game. 0v6 loss for the Warriors. Player of the Day was Joshua Jenkins.

Wentworth Wizards played a very tight game and everyone played well. The Wizards won 6v5. Player of the Day was Poppy Sancto-Jones.

Year 3 / 4
Wentworth Seahorses
stepped their game up a notch on Sunday. They focused on moving forward, resulting in 2 fine goals from Bridie and some super attempts from Rory and Charlotte! Isabella cruised up and down the pool like a shark and Keira was always marking the opposition, making it difficult for them to pass the ball. Josh had the one-hand rule sorted this week and was valuable in defence, supporting our goalkeeper.   Player of the Day was Raphael Day, who made some excellent saves. Well done to all of you! The final score was 3:2 to the Mini Marcos.