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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Miniball - Comets - 30th Oct 2015

Sharp shooting, solid defence and on court enthusiasm made for an exciting match between the Comets and SGH Titans. 
 During training last week we discussed goal setting and each player picked a part of their game that they wanted to work on and improve.  It was very pleasing to see so many of you acknowledge those goals on the court tonight.  
Our 'Player of the Day' was Bridie Smith for demonstrating excellent attacking skills and proving herself to be a sharp shooter.  
Well done Bridie.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Summer Soccer - 19th October 2015

Fantastic start to our Summer Soccer winning both games, 2-0 against SGH B and 3-0 against Silverdale.  Lenny was our player of the day not only for his goals but his tenacity and sheer commitment to the ball. Well done!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Miniball - 26th Oct 2015

Wentworth Rockets v Wentworth Comets

What an amazing start to the season! The derby match proved just how much all our young players have developed – in terms of both individual skills and team strategies. The Rockets were tough in both attack and defence, moving swiftly down the court and passing the ball to players in scoring positions. There were some lovely shots at the hoop, including a beautiful one by Kiera from quite a way out. The Comets’ strength lay in defence, with players closing down many of the Rockets’ runs and intercepting the ball on a number of occasions. The match finished with victory to the Rockets but the overall winner was Wentworth Primary School as all players were positive, energetic and displayed great sportsmanship. Players of the Day were Alexander Kawan (Comets) for his excellent positioning throughout the game and Jared Davies (Rockets), who was relentless in his pursuit of the ball. It is also a pleasure to welcome Bridie Smith onto the Comets team.

Basketball - 26th Oct 2015


Wentworth Falcons v Orewa North Themselves

In the first game of the term, the Falcons were in winning form – finding spaces, marking the opposition tightly and, most importantly, passing the ball quickly down the court to team members in scoring positions. With an air of determination, the Falcons fought for every ball and successfully intercepted many of their opposition’s passes. The final score was 12:8 to the Falcons. Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson, who had one of her best games, pushing down the court to support her teammates yet finding space under the hoop to score a number of times. We are also delighted to welcome Matthew Rist to the team.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Miniball - Comets 18/09/2015

A Comet can be defined as 'a central mass surrounded by an envelope of dust and gas'.  This definition got me thinking........Wow......our Comets are amazing!  At the beginning of the season our game play consisted of a huddled team crowded around the ball, yet tonight I was reminded of how much our team has improved.  We are beginning to use the whole court, to spread out and find space.  We are crowding the opponent with the ball and rather than being mere dust on the outside of a mass, the Comets are playing a purposeful positional game.  Unfortunately tonight was not our night on the scoreboard.  The Small Blacks were a formidable opponent, littered with sharp shooters across the court.  Full credit goes to each member of our team for working hard on defence.  It was this impressive style of defensive play that saw Annabelle Duncan take our Player of the Day award.  Annabelle shadowed her opponent around the court and was constantly forcing the Small Blacks to make errors on attack.  Well done Annabelle.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miniball - 13th Sept 2015

The Rockets went into overdrive last week in their match against Kingsway Blue. Strategic play saw them in the driving seat from the beginning of the match and they maintained this position until the final whistle. Supporters were treated to some beautiful passing play and fast breaks allowed the Rockets to create time and space for numerous shots. The final score was 11:3 to the Rockets, reflecting just how far this team have come in the time they have played together. There were strong performances from each player – well done to you all. The Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan whose determination to chase the ball and intercept the opposition was a crucial factor in the game.

The Comets have been working hard to develop some structure in their game and tonight it paid off!  Each player knew their role and worked hard to be in the 'right place at the right time'.  
Fair play, teamwork and effort all require a positive attitude!  The Comets have fostered a genuinely supportive team environment.  They back each other up and encourage each member of the team to be 'their' best.
Tonight we were disappointed to play against an opposition which had a team member who did not demonstrate this positive Wentworth attitude.  I was proud of our player who was a true example of the Wentworth values.  This brave Comet continued to hold their head high and play with excellence, integrity, tolerance and respect.  Congratulations for being the 'better person'.
Player of the Day!
Tonight's Player of the Day was awarded to Emily McLeish for always demonstrating a positive attitude by turning up to each game with a smile on her face and for always encouraging and supporting her team.  Well done Emily.   

Basketball - 13th Sept 2015

Another tough game lay in wait for the Falcons last week as they faced opponents Dairy Flat Vipers. Already two players down before the match began, it was further misfortune when Raphael injured his foot and was unable to start the game. Rocket team member, Charlotte, stepped in to take his place and determined passing play saw the Falcons keep pace with the Vipers throughout the first half of the game. However, despite some excellent teamwork from the Falcons, the Vipers managed to pull ahead in the second half to win. It was pleasing to see that each Wentworth player improved his or her game this week. Mattias and Maddie were strong in defense; Savannah was back on scoring form and Brodie was determined and energetic throughout the game.  The Player of the Day award went to Charlotte Sancto-Jones, not only for her relentless pursuit of the ball but also for her ability to find space to take a shot at the hoop!

Monday, September 7, 2015


On a wet and windy Thursday, five of our best Y5 and Y6 distance runners faced tough competition from other local schools as they lined up for the Inter-schools Cross-Country Competition at Shakespear Park. Each runner had to complete two laps, which included a beach section; crossing a creek; some hill running and battling the elements. For some it was their first time at such an event and they paced themselves admirably with energy to spare as they closed the ground on their final sprints towards the finish line. For those who had competed before, the challenge was to beat last year’s placings, which they all did. Well done to all our runners and also to the Y7 and Y8 College students – particularly Mille Wilton, who finished 1st in the Y7 Girls’ Event.

Our team: Maddie Rist, Heidi McAlpine, Lennie Bischoff, Matthew Rist and Mathias Coutts.

Miniball - 4th September


The Rockets thundered to victory last week against the SGH Titans. They were an unbeatable force, with strong attacking game play and tight defense making it virtually impossible for the Titans to get into the game. The Rockets chased every ball, intercepted successfully and their shots were on target. The final score was a well-deserved 8:3 and Rory Brabant was named Player of the Day for his focused, determined play throughout the entire match.

Basketball - 4th September 2015


The Falcons faced the Kingsway Kings last week and played a much stronger, tactical game than previously. Good positioning and accurate passing for the most part, meant that the Falcons were able to create scoring opportunities in both halves of the match and they matched the Kings in both skill and speed. It was an exciting game to watch, with plenty of end-to-end action and the Falcons were unlucky not to walk away with at least a draw. They were beaten by only a few points. Player of the Day was Brodie Cruse, who was a key player in attack and whose passing had a huge impact on the game.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miniball - 09 August 2015

The Rockets completed a successful mission last week with a 6:0 win against Kingsway Red. In a superb game, the Rockets demonstrated just how much they have developed as a team. With accurate passing and impenetrable defence, they made it impossible for the Reds to gain or keep possession of the ball. The Rockets dominated the match from start to finish and Josh Hill was the well-deserved Player of the Day for his deadly shooting skills. Well done, Rockets!

It was lovely to see a full team of Comets soaring across the court  with the return of Michelle, Corbus and Alexander.  A tight game against Whangaparaoa Thunder meant that goals were certainly hard to come by, with Whangaparaoa just taking out the game 2-0.  Michelle Kim was our Player of the Day demonstrating her tough defensive spirit as she was always in position ready to defend our goal.  I look forward to seeing you all at training on Sunday where we will focus on stealing the ball from the opposition as well as practising our marking on defence.  

Basket ball - 09th August 2015

Having been undefeated last term, and with a considerable points margin, the Falcons have been moved into the first division of the Y5/6 basketball league. They had a tough match last week against old adversaries, NHFM Cobras, but worked extremely hard to keep themselves involved in the play. The Falcons made numerous successful interceptions of the ball and managed to score a number of times but, sadly, on this occasion couldn’t quite get on top of the Cobras. However, with new members adding their talents to the squad, the Falcons are looking certain to improve their gameplay this term. Player of the Day was Maddie Rist, who made her first determined appearance on court for the Falcons, demonstrating her talent in defence on several occasions.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Miniball - 20th July 2015


Both the Rockets and the Comets have had incredibly successful seasons and are looking like strong contenders for Term 3. The Rockets played exceptionally well to finish the term with a resounding win against the Small Blacks, finishing in the top half of the league; and the Comets came close to victory in their game against Kingsway Red – a wonderful achievement for our new players.
 A giant thank you to those players who attended both matches (Jared Davies, Annabelle Duncan, Josh Hill, Rory Brabant) as a number of our team members were unable to make Finals Night due to holiday dates.
Congratulations to both teams on an excellent term’s work!
Rockets: Joshua Hill, Austin McAlpine, Charlotte Sancto-Jones, Kiera Jordan, Rory Brabant
Comets: Annabelle Duncan, Michelle Kim, Alexander Kawan, Emily McLeish, Corbus Luke

The future of Wentworth basketball looks to be in very safe hands – watch this space!

Basketball 20th July 2015

Basketball Y5/6

The Falcons completed an outstanding term’s play by appearing in their League Final against opposition Kingsway Guardians. Our Falcons had been undefeated all season but unfortunately, due to term/holiday dates, Wentworth was unable to field a full team. Nevertheless, in true Wentworth spirit, two netballers (Rosie Li and Orion Houseman) stepped forward to ensure we could play the match. Despite neither girl having played basketball before, they were fantastic, energetic and determined and, with the guidance and support of the other team members (Matthew Brabant, Brodie Cruse and Poppy Sancto-Jones), the Falcons were able to match the Guardians goal for goal. Luck was not on our side, however, and just before the half-time whistle, Poppy collided with a Kingsway player, falling awkwardly and twisting her knee. Her younger sister, Rockets’ member Charlotte, bravely stepped in to fill the gap and played admirably but a couple of lucky breaks in the last few minutes of the game meant that the Guardians just managed to snatch victory from our grasp, winning the game by only a few points.
Congratulations to our Falcons: Matthew Brabant, Mattias Coutts, Brodie Cruse, Raphael Day, Savannah Marston-Fergusson and Poppy Sancto-Jones.

Huge thanks to Orion Houseman, Rosie Li and Charlotte Sancto-Jones.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inter-school Hockey - 11th June 2015

This week saw the long-awaited Interschools Hockey Tournament in Albany. It was a slow start for the Wentworth Team as their first opponents arrived late and missed all but the final few minutes of the match. Nevertheless, the Wentworth team managed to score 3 goals in those closing minutes and win. Our team went on to win three out of the next four games, with the remaining game ending in a draw. Unfortunately, due to administrative error, Wentworth was placed in the play-offs for 3rd/4th position whereas, in actual fact, Wentworth had tied in 1st place in their group and should have been in the running for the Grand Final. Nevertheless, with true Wentworth spirit, our team went on to play the best hockey of the day with an outstanding win in their final game of the tournament. With apologies from the organisers and clutching consolation prizes, the players returned to school having shown tremendous skill and teamwork. Congratulations to Lenny Bischoff, Matthew Brabant, Mattias Coutts,Brodie Cruse, Raphael Day, Heidi McAlpine, George O’Driscoll, Maddie Rist and Matthew Rist for an excellent day’s work.
Match Results:
Whangaparaoa Dolphins v Wentworth                    0:3
Wentworth v Wainui                                               10:0
Wentworth v Stanmore Bay 1                                 5:5
Gulf Harbour v Wentworth                                     0:8
Stella Maris 2 v Wentworth                                    1:6
Play-off for 3rd/4th

Wentworth v Whangaparaoa Orcas                        6:1 

Miniball - 15th June 2015

The Rockets blasted onto the court in this week’s game against the Small Blacks. From the beginning, they took control of the match and the opposition never really found their game. The Rockets launched themselves at the ball relentlessly, winning every tussle. They passed with speed and accuracy and made successful interceptions. The final score was an impressive 14:0 with Kiera Jordan being awarded Player of the Day for her superb bounce passes, when she was put under pressure, which enabled team-mates to break away with the ball.

Basketball - 14th June 2015

Once again, the Falcons soared to victory – this week against the Red Beach Comets. The teams were fairly evenly matched in the first half but the Falcons stepped up their game in the second half. With tight defence and a good passing game, they emerged as winners with a score of 9:3. Brodie Cruse was named Player of the Day for his endless energy in chasing the ball and passing it and, perhaps more importantly, for his ability to rise above some unsporting play from a member of the opposition. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Basketball - 7 June 2015

The Falcons continued their winning streak with a resounding success against Kingsway Knights. It was a fairly evenly-matched first half but the Falcons stretched their wings in the second half of the game and piled on the pressure with a much improved passing game, which set up many shooting opportunities. With fierce attacking, tight defence and accurate shooting, the Falcons soared to an impressive win of 22:11. Poppy Sancto-Jones was named Player of the Day for her ferocious defence of the key, making it difficult for the Knights to get within easy scoring distance. 

Miniball - Rockets - 7 June 2015

The Rockets were excellent mentors to their Comet counterparts on Thursday evening.  With much excitement and anticipation for this game against their friends, The Rockets demonstrated their experience as they exhibited both speed and flair around the court.  Fair play and teamwork were the order of the day and the Rockets certainly lived up to these values.  It was great to see Mr Donovan on the side-line cheering both teams on.  Congratulations to Jared Davies for receiving Player of the Day showing how quickly he has settled into the team.

Miniball - Comets - 7 June 2015

It was a late night ‘Clash of the Titans’ on Thursday when the Comets took on their friendliest foe, the Rockets!  It was a smashing game with both teams demonstrating their strengths.  The Comets relished the opportunity to play against a more experienced team and have taken note of some new tricks and tips to work on at training on Sunday.  It was an extremely stressful game for the teachers to watch as cheering for both teams was a little exhausting and confusing.  Thank you to Mr Donovan for coming to cheer us all on.  Player of the Day went to Michelle Kim for her excellent ‘hustling’ on both defence and attack.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Miniball - 30th May

The Rockets took on the SGH Titans this week and were simply amazing. From the outset, the Rockets took control of the game and the Titans had an uphill struggle to make any mark on it at all. The Rockets were on fire and unstoppable, in terms of both their skill and their awareness of each other. Special mention must go to Emily McLeish, who coolly scored her first ever points for the Rockets but it was Joshua Hill, the one-player scoring machine, with an incredible 6 shots making it through the hoop, who was named Player of the Day! With the final score 11:1, the Rockets returned to base to prepare for their next exciting mission, when they will face the Wentworth Comets.

Basketball - 30th May

The Falcons refused to be tamed by the Kingsway Guardians. Despite being without the luxury of a substitute and, therefore, having no fresh legs during the match, the Falcons were up to the challenge proffered by the Guardians. It was end-to-end action as both teams played some excellent basketball but it was the incredible team play and strategies of the Falcons that meant they emerged the victors. Even an eye injury to Mattias, resulting in his leaving the game before the final whistle, could not dampen the fighting spirit of the Falcons. With the final score 12:10 in their favour, it was a hard-won game. Player of the Day was Raphael Day for his tenacious defence.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miniball - Comets - 29th May 2015

The Comets continue to grow in both their individual skill level as well as their understanding of each other as a team.  Thursday's game against Kingsway Combined saw the Comets expertly implement tactics they have been practicing in training.  Accurate passing, controlled dribbling and dynamic defensive moves kept everyone on the sideline entertained.  Kingsway Combined won the fast paced game.  Emily McLeish was player of the day demonstrating her aerial dominance and winning two jumps balls.  See you all at training on Sunday 7th June.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Basketball - 25th May 2015

The Falcons were a dream team this week as they beat the Dairy Flat Dodgers 25:0. The Falcons took control of the game from the outset, passing the ball down the court swiftly, making every single shot count. Their play and positioning was strategic and decisive and their marking was tenacious, with the Dairy Flat team unable to shake them off. The Falcons maintained their focus to produce some of their best play yet. Congratulations to each team member – it was a pleasure to watch. Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson, who found her shooting form and was totally involved in attacking the opposition. 

Miniball - Rockets - 25th May 2015

The Rockets played against SGH Ally Oops this week. This proved to be a tough game with the SGH team having a noticeable height advantage. However, always up for a challenge, the Rockets matched them for speed and determination with some well-timed interceptions and attacking play. Time and again, the Rockets blasted down the court but just simply could not get sufficient shots on target. Charlotte Sancto-Jones managed a super, loping shot which powered into the basket from a long way out, earning her the Player of the Day award.

Miniball - Comets - 25th May 2015

Determined, committed and keen......excellent words to describe the Comets playing attitude this week!

The Comets demonstrated a fantastic improvement in their passing, dribbling and defence.  Teamwork was the key this week, with all players putting in 100% effort.  Kingsway Blue proved to be formidable opponents taking out the game. Michelle Kim was our player of the day as she was always available on attack and worked hard to get her hands over the ball in defence. Well done Michelle.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miniball - 17th May 2015

Wow! The Rockets met some mighty opponents on Thursday in the form of Kingsway Combined. A twenty minute battle ensued, with end-to-end action as each team attacked the game relentlessly. With swift passing and decisive interceptions, the Rockets managed to pull in front with only minutes left and maintained this lead for the remainder of the match. The final result was 3:2 to the Rockets with Austin McAlpine retaining the Player of the Day title for his superb shooting skills. (C Sancto)

Basketball - 17th May 2015

After a decidedly shaky first half, the Falcons spread their wings and attacked the game against Orewa North Thunder. At every opportunity the Falcons swooped to gain possession of the ball and, with renewed purpose, they passed it down the court, making every shot count. Tight defensive play left Orewa North with little room for manoeuvre. An exceptional second half's play ended with victory to the Falcons; the score 15:5. The player of the day was Mattias Courts, both for his ability to find space and his superb shooting, including a couple of beautifully taken penalties. (C Sancto)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Miniball - 30th April 2015

The Rockets faced Red Beach Supanova in their opening game of the season. It was a thrilling match with both teams battling to gain control of the play. The Rockets played with incredible energy and this week Kiera Jordan joined the scoring ranks, alongside Joshua Hill and Charlotte Sancto-Jones. The final result was 5:4 to RB Supanova but the Rockets were unlucky not to have come away with at least a draw. Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan, who is going from strength to strength with every game. 

The newly-formed Wentworth Comets blazed onto the court ready for their first game of basketball against the more experienced Red Beach Jets.  Raw talent enabled the Comets to find good court position, pass with accuracy and defend courageously.  We look forward to watching this team grow and develop their skills over the coming season.  Player of the Day was Alexander Krageloh for his determined play throughout the match. 

Basketball - 30th April 2015

In their first game of the season, the Falcons were up against SGH Dragons, one of the toughest teams in the league and, due to injury, the Falcons were without a substitute. Undaunted, they pulled out all the stops to play a superb game with tight marking and accurate passing. Although they did not beat the Dragons, our team were no easy opponents and it was exciting, end-to-end action for the entire match. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant, who attacked the opposition relentlessly. 

Netball - 30 April 2015

Our first game of netball on the 23 April was outstanding.  From the outset we dominated the game giving the opposition very little possession.  We were strong both attacking and in defence as well as our shooters.  The children used the court wisely getting the ball into the shooters quickly and efficiently.  The new players to the team quickly slotted in and took heed from the more experienced players.  Savannah and Maddie were forces to reckon with in the shooting circle as they were able to find space to have shots at the goal.  A great win of 11-0 to us was the final score and player of the day was Orion for a great defensive game.

The second game of the session came after a majority of the team had played in a soccer tournament in the wind and cold.  The team versed for netball was Orewa North Phoenix who stood a head higher than us and had some exceptional players.  At first our team got a bit flustered as the other team dominated the court and play.  They started to adapt and take back control in the second half pulling back the score to a 9-7 lose.   The player of the day was Matthew Rist who was all over his opponent and gaining much needed possession of the ball.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Miniball - 6th April

 The Year 4 Rockets blasted straight from Shakespear Camp to Stanmore Bay to meet up with the Year 3 members of the team. Their final match of Term 1 was against SGH Titans who, unfortunately, were unable to field a team, so it was a technical win for the Rockets. The Titans managed to recruit a couple of volunteers from the league above and the match commenced. Our players had to step up their game considerably to keep up with the new opposition and they did this with style and energy. Rory Brabant was named Player of the Day for his focus and determination in defence and a special mention must go to Alexander Krageloh who scored his first ever basket in a match! Well done, Rockets!

Basketball - 6th April

The Falcons had to fly in from camp for the final match of the season. They were facing tough opposition in the form of Kingsway Blue and had already spent two days doing such physical activities as sailing, coasteering, orienteering and rockclimbing so it looked like it was going to be a huge demand on their energies. However, the Falcons were warmed up and ready to go; not only matching the Blues’ pace but beating them in both speed and skill. It was an exciting match and the tension was increased further by the referee’s decision to award penalty shots to the Blues in the dying seconds of the game. With the score at 11:9 in the Falcons’ favour, nobody dared breathe as the Kingsway player took his aim. Three times he stepped forward and three times the ball bounced off the rim. A well-deserved win for the Falcons, with Poppy Sancto-Jones named Player of the Day for her tight marking in defence.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Miniball - 30th March 2015

The Rockets played Red Beach Supanova in the penultimate match of the season. It was yet another tough game for the mighty Rockets and, time and time again, they powered down the court but could not manage to land the ball in the hoop so, despite all their efforts, the match went against them. Kiera Jordan was the well-deserved Player of the Day. She had a superb game in both attack and defence, winning the ball every time it went near her!

Basketball - 30th March 2015

The Falcons faced SGH’s rep team, the Dragons, this week. They had to step their game up a level, which they did in the first half, keeping the score level. However, the Dragons’ experience came to the fore in the second half of the match and our players couldn't quite manage to keep control of the ball. Nevertheless, the Falcons maintained the pressure on the Dragons and the game was fast and exciting. Player of the Day was Mattias Coutts, whose interceptions and speed proved key ingredients in the Falcons’ play.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weetbix Tryathlon - 22nd March

On Sunday, five athletes from Wentworth took part in the Tryathlon on the North Shore. They had to swim 100m in the sea; bike 4km and complete a run of 1.5km. Each of them did a terrific job and had a lot of fun as well. Congratulations to you all!

Miniball - 23rd March

The Rockets were also playing a Whangaparaoa team this week – Whanga Thunder – and also found the game challenging. Never scared of a tough game, the Rockets played superbly, demonstrating how much they have improved in terms of both skill and strategy. Although they did not win, each player should be pleased with the effort and enthusiasm they put into the match. Austin McAlpine was named Player of the Day for his lightning speed in both attack and defense.

Basketball - 23rd March


The Falcons were up against one of the top teams on the coast this week – the Whanga Breakers – and found the game tough. However, there were some flashes of superb play from each member of the team, including a basket from Brodie. Living up to their name, the Breakers were extremely fast on the break and were deadly accurate with their shots, resulting in a loss for the Falcons. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant for his consistent, reliable defense work.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Miniball - 9th March 2015


The Rockets took on Red Beach Supanova in a tough but thrilling match that saw the Rockets play superbly in attack. Our players kept the pressure on with fast runs and interceptions and, with grim determination, fought to keep possession of the ball – sometimes taking on two or three Supanova players at once! Nevertheless, they couldn’t get enough shots on target and it was the Supernova team that won the game. Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan for amazing tenacity in defense.

Basketball - 9th March 2015


The Falcons were up against old rivals NHFM Cobras last week and an end-to-end battle ensued. Although the Falcons had control of the majority of the game, with successful interceptions and some great attacking runs, they just couldn't get shots on target and it was the Cobras who emerged victorious at the closing whistle. Brodie Cruse was named Player of the Day for his energetic and relentless court coverage.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Basketball - 23rd Feb 2015

Wentworth Falcons (Y5/6)

The Falcons flew to victory in their opening match of the season, playing against SGH Sting. It was a magnificent performance with all new and returning squad members playing their part. The Falcons were tough in attack and defense, displaying absolute determination to get the first game under their belts. An impressive final score of 14:3 saw the Falcons promoted to the premier league. Savannah Marston-Fergusson was named Player of the Day for her sharpshooting skills. (C Sancto)
In their second game of the term, the Falcons faced the SGH Blue Knights. It was end-to-end action as the teams were evenly matched and equally determined. As the end of the game approached, the Falcons players did everything they could to get the ball through the net. However, after a hard-fought battle, it was the Knights that emerged the winners, with the score finishing 9:12 against the Falcons. Player of the Day was Raphael Day for his accurate throw-ins from the baseline, which almost led to equalising shots as the final seconds ticked away. (C Sancto)

Miniball - 23rd Feb 2015

Wentworth Rockets (Y3/4)

In their first game of 2015, the Rockets blasted to a win, displaying a mighty mix of skill and strategy.  It was a super-fast game with lots of passing and enthusiasm and new members of the squad were made to feel welcome and soon settled in. The game ended 5:1 to the Rockets with Bridie Smith being named Player of the Day for her speed and energy throughout the match. (C Sancto)

This week, the Rockets faced Whanga Thunder but, with their agility and lightning speed, proved that Rockets could keep ahead of the storm! They had full control of the play against tough opposition but, despite many valiant attempts, could not get the ball through the hoop enough times to win the game. The final score was 4:2 against them but the Rockets had treated their supporters to a brilliant edge-of-the-seat performance and were unlucky to leave without a win. Player of the Day was Austin McAlpine for his tenacious attacking. (C Sancto)