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Sunday, June 25, 2017

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 5&6 - 19 JUNE 2017

It was really good to see that we had a full team turn out. We knew our game would be tough and we weren’t disappointed.  It probably didn’t help that we didn’t follow the game plan; we didn’t communicate well and spent a bit of time throwing away valuable possession. The game ended up being a 6-3 loss to Wentworth. Player of Day was Bridie Smith for her excellent role as mid-fielder.

Because the school Disco is this Friday, there will not be any training for the Years 3&4  and 5&6 Flippaball teams.

Chris Donovan 

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 3&4 - 19 JUNE 2017

his was a pretty tough game on Sunday night as we were down 4 players. Everyone played really well under the circumstances.  We also had two players jump in to give us a hand and we came off with a win 5-1. The strikers did really well at getting up the front and helping around the middle, and staying near the posts to get a good throw into goal. The defenders did well marking opposition players and helping out in the middle where needed. Player of the Day went to Brooke Oliver for a good effort in striker and defence.

Lara McColl - Yr 11 Student Coach


The Rockets had another good win this week, beating Stanmore Bay 5-3. The team have been making a big effort at remembering to pass to each other and this is really helping them to improve their play.  Ethan says that this week he will be practising his shots, as a lot were missed during this game and our score would have been a LOT higher if all the team members concentrated on practising their shooting during this coming week!  Player of the day this week went to Ethan Jordan for his excellent defence and effort at scoring the jump balls. Well done, Ethan, keep up the good work!

Mrs Clark - Sports Co-Ordinator


Wentworth had another great game this week, which was played at a frantic pace! Although the game resulted in a slight loss, it was a hard fought battle.If we can continue to work on making quick passes, and keeping up our defence, we hope to see some wins soon!  Jared, Austin and Alex were the scorers this week, however, as always, it is just as important to be a defender and prevent goals as it is to be a great attacker. Edison was the Player of the Day for his fantastic defence. Well done, Edison!

Basketball training will be held at Wentworth Primary on Sunday at 9.00am.


Unfortunately last week's game was cancelled due to electricity failure at the HBC Netball centre.

Netball trainings will be at lunchtime on Mondays & Thursdays.  Please bring your PE kit and netball shoes to train in. Thank you!

Mrs Clark


Interschool Soccer
Well, what a day! The sun was shining after a long rainy month, and we almost had to break out the sunblock in the middle of winter!  Despite almost having to cancel our entry due to illness, our players forged ahead and played on.  We had no substitutes as we lost a player to illness and although we had three sick players on the day, no one gave up. We played 4 games including the quarter finals, and had a lot of nail biting moments and some very close results. Our first goal of the tournament was thanks to Annie. Austin and Rory were both extremely active, racing up and down the field and making a lot of great goal attempts. Rosa and Tina both had successful stints as goalkeeper, as well as being great players, and Charlotte did a fabulous job in defence despite being injured in the warm ups.
Thank you very much to all the parents who came to support us; it was great having you there.  All in all, a fun day was had by all. Well done, Wentworth!

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 5&6 - 12 JUNE 2017

Wow, Wentworth, what a great game!  Despite a slow start, Wentworth really pulled together during the second half and scored a massive 5-0 against Whangaparaoa.  Both Ben and Jan had successful stints in goal, and Charlotte, Rory and Bridie worked well together to score some fantastic goals. Whangaparaoa had great goalies, and if it weren’t for them, we would have won by a much bigger margin. Liam, Rosa, and Amelie all did a fantastic job on defence. Liam, it was great to see how you stayed focussed and kept back the other team.
Player of the Day this week went to Amelie Che for her brilliant defence. Well done, Amelie!

Training for the both the Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 Flippa Ball teams will take place on Fridays at the Leisure Centre from 4:00 to 5:00pm. 

Chris Donovan 

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 3&4 - 12 JUNE 2017

The Years 3/4s had another fantastic game on Sunday. The strikers really kept to their positions and did a great job getting away from the opposition to have a go scoring many shots. The defenders did a great job of not allowing the opposition to have a chance to shoot by stealing the ball away and getting it back up to the strikers. Everyone played extremely well and played the way they have been training and they should be very happy with themselves. We won 11-nil. Player of the Day went to Ella Nathan for playing very well in striker position.

Lara McColl - Yr 11 Student Coach


Our Wentworth Stars shone brightly on Thursday evening when they took on the Gulf Harbour Gems and won 11-10.  Teamwork was excellent as the Stars worked hard to find space on the court to receive some fabulously accurate passes.  Our defensive presence was very good with our players spoiling the flow of the Gems' game. Congratulations to our Players of the Day who were Bethany Smith and Bridie Smith.  See you all on court next week!  

Netball trainings will be at lunchtime on Mondays & Thursdays.  Please bring your PE kit and netball shoes to train in. Thank you!

Mrs McLeish

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 5&6 - 29 MAY 2017

We had a tough game this week where both our defence and attack was well tested. Our attackers struggled to create space and spent too much time bunched together. The defenders had a much better second half and limited the opportunities for the opposition to score goals. The final score was a 2-6 loss to Wentworth.  Player of the Day was Rosa Clark for her solid defence.

Training for the both the Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 Flippa Ball teams will take place on Fridays at the Leisure Centre from 4:00 to 5:00pm. 

Chris Donovan 

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 3&4 - 29 MAY 2017

The Years 3/4 team had another successful game of Flippa ball. All the players played fantastically and stayed in the positions they were assigned. The strikers did really well at getting to their positions, passing the ball between them to shoot for the goal. The defenders did a great job at picking the closest opposition and sticking to them, stopping the opposition from scoring. The score was 8-2 and Player of the Day went to Sienna Phillipps. A big well done to James Nathan for helping the other team out in the last few minutes by jumping in and being their goalie.

Lara McColl - Yr 11 Student Coach


The Comets had another slight loss this week, 7-9 against Orewa North School. Although the Comets played well and made some great intercepts, the Orewa players had a long throw which helped them to get those few extra points.
We are going to make an extra effort to reach for rebounds this coming week, which Jared and Austin think will make all the difference to the result.
Jared Davies was this week’s Player of the Day, for his fantastic goal scoring. Well done, Jared, keep up that good work. There will be no Sunday practice this weekend as it is a Long Weekend!!  
Mrs Clark - Sports Co-Ordinator


Wow! What an exciting game! The Rockets played their hearts out and won by an astounding 12-0!
Goal scorers this week were Amy, Brooke, Ben, Ethan and Eli.
A real bonus to this game was seeing the Rockets continue their passing. Sharing the ball is what is making all the difference to the final results every week. Good on you all, Rockets!
Daniel was the player of the day this week for his great all round play, but mostly for his brilliant defence. Well done, Daniel, it really is just as important to keep the other team away as it is to be the goal scorer.
Once again, the Rockets have proven that they are a formidable force. Good on you Rockets, keep up the great work!


It was a cracking game of netball last Thursday night.  The air was clear and crisp and so were the skills of our new netball team.  Our defence was superb against the in form, Barracudas,  with the Wentworth Stars highlighting many of the new skills they are developing at training.  At times our attack was smooth and swift with players finding space across the court.  The shooters were on form with many long range shots finding their target despite our GA and GS being put under a lot of pressure.  The final score was 10-11 to the Barracudas, demonstrating a close, exciting and hard fought game.  Our Players of the Day were Charlotte Sancto-Jones and Bethany Smith who were both invaluable in their hustle on defence and their accuracy with ball in hand.  Keep it up Stars - you are an exciting team with enormous potential!  Netball trainings will be at lunchtime on Mondays & Thursdays.  Please bring your PE kit and netball shoes to train in. Thank you!
Mrs Clark