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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Miniball - Comets - 30th Oct 2015

Sharp shooting, solid defence and on court enthusiasm made for an exciting match between the Comets and SGH Titans. 
 During training last week we discussed goal setting and each player picked a part of their game that they wanted to work on and improve.  It was very pleasing to see so many of you acknowledge those goals on the court tonight.  
Our 'Player of the Day' was Bridie Smith for demonstrating excellent attacking skills and proving herself to be a sharp shooter.  
Well done Bridie.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Summer Soccer - 19th October 2015

Fantastic start to our Summer Soccer winning both games, 2-0 against SGH B and 3-0 against Silverdale.  Lenny was our player of the day not only for his goals but his tenacity and sheer commitment to the ball. Well done!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Miniball - 26th Oct 2015

Wentworth Rockets v Wentworth Comets

What an amazing start to the season! The derby match proved just how much all our young players have developed – in terms of both individual skills and team strategies. The Rockets were tough in both attack and defence, moving swiftly down the court and passing the ball to players in scoring positions. There were some lovely shots at the hoop, including a beautiful one by Kiera from quite a way out. The Comets’ strength lay in defence, with players closing down many of the Rockets’ runs and intercepting the ball on a number of occasions. The match finished with victory to the Rockets but the overall winner was Wentworth Primary School as all players were positive, energetic and displayed great sportsmanship. Players of the Day were Alexander Kawan (Comets) for his excellent positioning throughout the game and Jared Davies (Rockets), who was relentless in his pursuit of the ball. It is also a pleasure to welcome Bridie Smith onto the Comets team.

Basketball - 26th Oct 2015


Wentworth Falcons v Orewa North Themselves

In the first game of the term, the Falcons were in winning form – finding spaces, marking the opposition tightly and, most importantly, passing the ball quickly down the court to team members in scoring positions. With an air of determination, the Falcons fought for every ball and successfully intercepted many of their opposition’s passes. The final score was 12:8 to the Falcons. Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson, who had one of her best games, pushing down the court to support her teammates yet finding space under the hoop to score a number of times. We are also delighted to welcome Matthew Rist to the team.