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Sunday, May 29, 2016

FLIPPABALL - 30 May 2016

Each game results in an improvement with our play. This week the focus was on throwing accuracy and defensive play. It was so pleasing to see the ball being passed between the players which resulted in some shots at the opposition goal. The defensive marking and awareness continues to get better which helped save a number of goals.
Player of the Day was Rory Brabant for his excellent defensive play.

NETBALL - YEARS 5&6 - 30 May 2016

No Netball was played last week as all Year 6s were away in Wellington.


The Asteroids are in a consolidation, learning phase and it is wonderful to see you all implementing the skills you have been rehearsing in training.  Mrs Houseman is doing an excellent job as your coach.  It is important to remember that each team we face allows us to develop new game strategies and to learn more about ourselves as a whole team.  This week against SGH Titans we worked on our dribbling, court positioning and our overall understanding of the game.  Each week, Asteroids, you improve and it is so exciting to watch your skills develop.  Well done to each of you!  Our ‘Player of the Day’ went to one of the fastest members of our team, Xavier Melhop.  Xavier is only new to miniball yet he is proving to not only be fast on the court but also a fast. There will be no training this Sunday, so rest up and relax, ready for next week’s game.

MINIBALL - COMETS - 30 May 2016

It was a fast paced, thrill a minute, game on Thursday afternoon against Whanga Bolts.  The Comets played amazingly well and those on the side-line were fortunate enough to witness some really excited whole team play.  Passing has improved significantly and so too has the dogged defence offered up by this team.  Well done to each of you for playing an important role on the court and ensuring that this was one of the most exciting matches of the year – so far!  Congratulations to Rory Brabant who was our well-deserved ‘Player of the Day’.  Rory, your defence is phenomena; the opposition will not get away from you!  Also, that long range goal you scored was electrifying.  Well done.  There will be no training this Sunday, so please enjoy this long weekend and we will be back into it next week.


It was a mighty battle of the skies last week as the Wentworth Hornets flew into action against the Orewa North Seagulls.  Focussed positional play really paid off as our team proved a force to be reckoned with. Time and again they were able to pass the ball swiftly to waiting players and were also ready to fend off unwelcome swoops from the Seagulls. At the end of the match, the Hornets emerged victorious, with the score 11:8. Maddie Rist was named Player of the Day for her dynamic energy and accurate shooting. Well done, Hornets!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

FLIPPABALL - 23 May 2016

The second game of the season saw a much improved team effort. There was a better understanding of positional play, of throwing and also passing. We still have more work to do but I was very pleased with the progress that the team showed, in addition everyone looked like they were having fun.
Player of the Day was Raphael Day for his tenacious defensive work that undoubtedly saved several shots at goal.

Mr Donovan

NETBALL - YEARS 5&6 - 23 May 2016

Another great game was played by the netball girls last night.  They had a bit of competition from Whangaparaoa which forced them to work hard in both defence and attack.  Charlotte played as Goal Defence and there was no way her opponent was getting anywhere near the ball.  Rosa and Kiera got some great intercepts giving the team back possession.  Bridie and Maddie played very hard and dominated mid court.  Annie scored a fantastic goal right on the whistle for the end of a quarter.  All-in-all the team played superbly.   The final score was 13-4 to Wentworth.  Players of the day were Rosa and Kiera.

Mrs King

MINIBALL - "ASTEROIDS" - 23 May 2016

The Asteroids have started this season with the enthusiasm they exuded last term.  Tenacious defence and some fast paced dribbling saw this young team hold their own against a more experienced RB Rocket team.  The 3-5 score, in favour of the RB Rockets, does not fully reflect how tight the actual game was.  Xavier Melhop made an impression on his debut showing, off his impressive speed.  Great start Xavier.  Jessica Rensen was the well deserved 'Player of the Day'.  Jessica your defensive game is impressive.  You certainly kept your opponent busy with your dogged determination.  Great job!  I am looking forward to seeing you all at training on Sunday.

Mrs McLeish

MINIBALL - "COMETS" - 23 May 2016

Wow!  The Comets treated us to an amazing game of basketball against the RB Astronauts on Thursday afternoon.  Accurate passing, determined defence, and strategic positioning in the goal allowed the Comets to dominate their opposition.  Keeping your rivals to a nil score is no easy feat, yet each member of the Comets dug deep to maintain this position, creating a slick overall team performance.  Congratulations to Emily McLeish who received the 'Player of the Day' trophy.  You are becoming a gritty defender Emily, and your passing is increasingly precise.  Keep it up!
See you all on Sunday.

Mrs McLeish

BASKETBALL - "HORNETS" - 23 May 2016

A new term, a new name for our Years 5/6 team, which will now be known as the Wentworth Hornets following a team vote. Their first match was against KW Impact, who proved to be formidable opponents. Although our Hornets were darting in to intercept passes, they were unable to maintain their pressure and the Kingsway team emerged the winners. Nevertheless there were some moments of promising play from our Hornets and it was nice to welcome Shihan Li to the squad. Shihan was awarded Player of the Day for her enthusiastic start to Wentworth basketball, only narrowly missing scoring in her opening match.

Miss Sancto

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Netball - Years 5&6 - 16 May 2016

Netball Results - Years 5/6
What a fabulous game of netball!
After having to recruit an extra member, Emily McLeish to fill a gap the team played their little hearts out to win 17 -1.  Maddie Rist and Bridie Smith were all over the court getting many intercepts.  Maddie and Annabelle make a great combination in the goal circle dominating play.
Once Emily McLeish had an understanding of the game she did a great job as Goal Keeper.  Emily’s opposition didn’t have a chance at getting the ball.
The new players to the game are beginning to have an understanding of positional play and they are not dancing with the ball.  They are definitely shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. 
Player of the day went to Bridie Smith for an outstanding game at centre. 

Netball - Years 5&6 - 9 May 2016

Netball Results - Years 5/6
Our first game of the season was absolutely amazing.  This year’s team is a very young team with only one player having played for the school.  During the first quarter the children were a bit confused about where they were allowed on the court as well as stepping with the ball.  By the second quarter they had it sorted and managed to score goals.  The team dominated the play and the ball was in their half of the court for most of the game.  When the ball did get to the opponents' end of the court, our fantastic defence didn’t give them a look in.  The final score was 12 – 0 to us.   It was very difficult to choose the Player of the Day as so many of them stood out.  However it was awarded to Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her great defence skills as Goal Keep.
Mrs King

Meteors - 11 April 2016

The Meteors had a tough game against SGH Swish last week but they tried their best and had fun on the court. Daniel Chen was awarded Player of the Day for his determined defence. It has been fantastic to see the improvement that each player has made in their ball skills over the term.  The Meteors are learning to work as a team and we look forward to seeing their enthusiasm on the court next term. Go Meteors!

Rockets - 11 April 2016

The Rockets were up against the Orewa North Year 6 boys this week so had been working on their bounce passing skills in preparation. The teams were fairly evenly matched and there was some good play from both sides, including some fast breaks. However, at half-time, the Rockets were down and had to reassess their defence strategy. The second half saw a much stronger defensive game from our team, with tight marking and better use of positional play. It was a technical win for the Rockets and with some great play, it was difficult to choose a Player of the Day so for the first time, there were two outstanding players - Joshua Hill for his excellent marking of the opposition in the second half; and Maddie Rist, whose passing and reading of the court made a big impression on the game.

Comets - 11 April 2016

Congratulations Comets on an excellent game.  Your passing was careful and accurate on attack.  Each member of the team worked hard on defence and it was noticeable that the Red Beach Jets did not enjoy the challenge of being shadowed around the court.  Our Player of the Day went to Rory Brabant  who maintained his composure even though the opposition did their best to unsettle him.  Congratulations Rory for rising above this. Enjoy your holidays Comets and we look forward to an exciting Term 2 of miniball!

Asteroids - 11 April 2016

Wow!  Asteroids you are improving every week in all areas of the game.  This week you demonstrated some excellent control on attack.  Passing accuracy was certainly more polished and you all worked tirelessly on defence.  Well done Ella Nathan for delivering an all important precise pass which enabled another Asteroid to sink a basket!  You are our well-deserved Player of the Day!  Great work Ella.  Enjoy your holidays Asteroids and see you on the court in Term 2.

Meteors - 4 April 2016

The Meteors had a superb game against Red Beach Satellites with their first win of the season (8 – 0). They demonstrated improvement in their ball skills and cohesive team work. Anna Langridge was awarded Player of the Day for her persistent defence and determined chasing of the ball. Anna was assisted by the whole team:
- Aston Carter scored an impressive and stylish 6 goals
- Ethan Jordan contributed 2 goals and lightning speed
- Alex Krehl was able to find space and make himself available to his team mates
- Jack Chisholm showed confidence in eagerly taking the throw-ins
- Daniel Chen kept the pressure on with his relentless defence.
It was wonderful to see them working together as a team. Well done, Meteors!
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Rockets - 4 April 2016

The Rockets have been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks. First they played Orewa North, an experienced team with some very tall players. Undaunted, our Rockets battled bravely and, in the second half, they started to hit their stride, making good use of bounce passes to move the ball forward. Although they did not win on points, it was a technical win for the Rockets. Our Player of the Day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones for some super defence work, blocking the opposition from getting near the ball on her runs down the court.
The next match on Easter Tuesday was against the All Stars and was a real end-to-end battle, with the Rockets winning many of the tussles and leading for the majority of the game. However, with a couple of fast breaks, the All Stars managed to draw level and the match finished with the score equal at 8:8. Annie Duncan was Player of the Day for her tenacious defence, accurate forward passes and some fast, attacking runs

Comets: 4 April 2016

Whanga Small Blacks and our Wentworth Comets treated spectators to an extremely exciting game.  Accurate passing and solid defence enabled the Comets to hold the lead for the majority of the game.  Unfortunately for us, Whanga Small Blacks stole the final basket in the last minute.  Alexander Kawan was our Player of the Day for a second week in a row.  Alexander is developing into a  determined defender who relentlessly chases his opposition all over the court.  Keep up the great work, Alexander!

Asteroids - 4 April 2016

Fast paced, end to end playing saw the Wentworth Asteroids leave it all out on the court on Thursday night.  Kingsway Wildfire were fierce competitors yet we matched them in pace, spirit and our overall teamwork.  Each week we improve our game tactics, team combinations and miniball skills.  We showed intense defence skills and strong accurate passing on attack.  Congratulations to Oliver Le Cheminant, our Player of the Day, for what can only be described as the GREATEST steal of the game.  Excellent skills, Ollie!