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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Miniball - 30th March 2015

The Rockets played Red Beach Supanova in the penultimate match of the season. It was yet another tough game for the mighty Rockets and, time and time again, they powered down the court but could not manage to land the ball in the hoop so, despite all their efforts, the match went against them. Kiera Jordan was the well-deserved Player of the Day. She had a superb game in both attack and defence, winning the ball every time it went near her!

Basketball - 30th March 2015

The Falcons faced SGH’s rep team, the Dragons, this week. They had to step their game up a level, which they did in the first half, keeping the score level. However, the Dragons’ experience came to the fore in the second half of the match and our players couldn't quite manage to keep control of the ball. Nevertheless, the Falcons maintained the pressure on the Dragons and the game was fast and exciting. Player of the Day was Mattias Coutts, whose interceptions and speed proved key ingredients in the Falcons’ play.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weetbix Tryathlon - 22nd March

On Sunday, five athletes from Wentworth took part in the Tryathlon on the North Shore. They had to swim 100m in the sea; bike 4km and complete a run of 1.5km. Each of them did a terrific job and had a lot of fun as well. Congratulations to you all!

Miniball - 23rd March

The Rockets were also playing a Whangaparaoa team this week – Whanga Thunder – and also found the game challenging. Never scared of a tough game, the Rockets played superbly, demonstrating how much they have improved in terms of both skill and strategy. Although they did not win, each player should be pleased with the effort and enthusiasm they put into the match. Austin McAlpine was named Player of the Day for his lightning speed in both attack and defense.

Basketball - 23rd March


The Falcons were up against one of the top teams on the coast this week – the Whanga Breakers – and found the game tough. However, there were some flashes of superb play from each member of the team, including a basket from Brodie. Living up to their name, the Breakers were extremely fast on the break and were deadly accurate with their shots, resulting in a loss for the Falcons. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant for his consistent, reliable defense work.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Miniball - 9th March 2015


The Rockets took on Red Beach Supanova in a tough but thrilling match that saw the Rockets play superbly in attack. Our players kept the pressure on with fast runs and interceptions and, with grim determination, fought to keep possession of the ball – sometimes taking on two or three Supanova players at once! Nevertheless, they couldn’t get enough shots on target and it was the Supernova team that won the game. Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan for amazing tenacity in defense.

Basketball - 9th March 2015


The Falcons were up against old rivals NHFM Cobras last week and an end-to-end battle ensued. Although the Falcons had control of the majority of the game, with successful interceptions and some great attacking runs, they just couldn't get shots on target and it was the Cobras who emerged victorious at the closing whistle. Brodie Cruse was named Player of the Day for his energetic and relentless court coverage.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Basketball - 23rd Feb 2015

Wentworth Falcons (Y5/6)

The Falcons flew to victory in their opening match of the season, playing against SGH Sting. It was a magnificent performance with all new and returning squad members playing their part. The Falcons were tough in attack and defense, displaying absolute determination to get the first game under their belts. An impressive final score of 14:3 saw the Falcons promoted to the premier league. Savannah Marston-Fergusson was named Player of the Day for her sharpshooting skills. (C Sancto)
In their second game of the term, the Falcons faced the SGH Blue Knights. It was end-to-end action as the teams were evenly matched and equally determined. As the end of the game approached, the Falcons players did everything they could to get the ball through the net. However, after a hard-fought battle, it was the Knights that emerged the winners, with the score finishing 9:12 against the Falcons. Player of the Day was Raphael Day for his accurate throw-ins from the baseline, which almost led to equalising shots as the final seconds ticked away. (C Sancto)

Miniball - 23rd Feb 2015

Wentworth Rockets (Y3/4)

In their first game of 2015, the Rockets blasted to a win, displaying a mighty mix of skill and strategy.  It was a super-fast game with lots of passing and enthusiasm and new members of the squad were made to feel welcome and soon settled in. The game ended 5:1 to the Rockets with Bridie Smith being named Player of the Day for her speed and energy throughout the match. (C Sancto)

This week, the Rockets faced Whanga Thunder but, with their agility and lightning speed, proved that Rockets could keep ahead of the storm! They had full control of the play against tough opposition but, despite many valiant attempts, could not get the ball through the hoop enough times to win the game. The final score was 4:2 against them but the Rockets had treated their supporters to a brilliant edge-of-the-seat performance and were unlucky to leave without a win. Player of the Day was Austin McAlpine for his tenacious attacking. (C Sancto)