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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Miniball Results - 29th September 2014

In the final match of the season, the Rockets were up against the Dairy Flat Stars. The Rockets blasted off as soon as the game began and never looked like they would run out of fuel. Their teamwork was amazing and they were determined to continue their winning streak. With accurate passing, strong interceptions and fast running, the Rockets steered a course straight to Planet Victory. The score finished 3:2 and Raphael Day was named Player of the Day for being the most improved member of the team.

Basketball Results - 29th September 2014

Another tough game for the Falcons on Tuesday, against the NHFM Cobras, who had previously beaten them. However, the Falcons have been playing a lot of tough teams recently and proving that they are a force to be reckoned with – and this week was no exception. Throughout the first half, they matched the Cobras in speed, passing and scoring and completely undermined their defence. In the second half of the game, the Cobras managed to regroup and gain control of the score, finishing as the winners. Nevertheless, a superb effort by the Falcons with Blake Fortzer-Bezar named as Player of the Day for all-round excellence.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flippaball Results - 15th September 2014

The Seahorses fought incredibly hard against the Whangaparaoa Jets on Sunday. They were two players short and were able to hold the Jets at bay for the first half of the match with tight marking and determined attacking. They came close to scoring on a number of occasions but just couldn’t quite find the back of the net. The second half of the game was tough for our team as they were outnumbered by the Jets’ attack and the score finished 6:0. Nevertheless, it was an outstanding effort by all five players – well done, Seahorses! Bridie Smith was named Player of the Day for her excellent work, stepping in as goalkeeper for the entire game.

The Wizards
The Wizards made it two wins in a row winning 11v0 this week. Defence marked well, preventing shots at our goal and the strikers dominated with quick and accurate passing along with improved accuracy at goal shooting. Player of the day is Matthew Brabant for his improvement is team work at strike. (R Sang)

The Warriors
The Warriors played two difficult games, they won the first game 5v3 and lost the second game 5v7. In both games there was a significant improvement in defence and attack, with fast accurate passing and better positional play. Player of the Day for game one was Jay Johnstone for great positional play and game two was Blake Fortzer-Bezar for outstanding goal defence. (C Donovan)

Miniball Results - 15th September 2014

The Rockets were also in superb form this week, point for point against Dairy Flat Dynamites. Excellent teamwork ensured that it was end-to-end action. Well done, Rockets! Rory Brabant was Player of the Day for solid work in defence.

Basketball Results - 15th September 2014

The Falcons returned to winning form this week against Kingsway Thunder. Players passed the ball swiftly down the court, finishing with accurate shots on goal. Opposition players were tightly marked for the majority of the game, with decisive interceptions enabling the Falcons to control most of the play. Great teamwork led to a great final score – 19:8 to the Falcons. Blake Fortzer-Bezar was Player of the Day for his strength in attack and consistency in scoring. (C Sancto)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Flippaball Results - 8th September 2014


The Seahorses
It was a friendly match for the Seahorses this week and they took on all-comers with determination. They maintained their positions and defended well, managing to gain control of the ball from the opposing players on numerous occasions. With improved strength in passing, our attackers were able to fire a couple of shots into the back of the net. Well done, Seahorses – you get better each week! Liam Phillips was Player of the Day for focused play in the middle of the pool.
The Wizards
The Wizards built on their performance from last week to record their biggest win 12v0. There was fantastic team work, accurate shooting at the goal’s corners along with solid marking in defence. The skill level of the team keeps improving with faster passing and better communication. Player of the Day was Beau Walbran for consistent pressure in defence and tight marking. 
The Warriors
The Warriors played hard but were undone by a much stronger team. Our defence was busy and started to tire and our attack was limited with good marking and goal keeping from the opposition. The Warriors started to come back late in the second half, but by then it was too late, the final score was 9v3. Player of the Day was Brodie Cruse for solid defence and positional play. 

Netball Results - 8th September 2014

In the final match of the season, the Wentworth team came dressed as superheroes – and they played like superheroes! Despite having to alter positions, every player upped their game, with energy to spare for the dance-off in the middle of the match. The final score was 20:1 to Wentworth, with Matthew Brabant named as Player of the Day. Thanks to Millie for helping out and also to Paige who, despite being unable to play due to injury, nevertheless turned up in superhero costume to cheer her teammates on! Finally, the whole team would like to thank Olivia and Greer for their coaching, encouragement and support throughout the season.

Miniball Results - 8th September 2014

The Rockets faced the Dairy Flat Stars and worked really hard against much bigger opposition. They marked, attacked and passed energetically, making sure every team member was included. Player of the day was Joshua Hill for his excellent work in attack! 

Basketball Results - 8th September 2014

It was another tough game for the Falcons this week. The opposition was fast and passed the ball swiftly down the court, making it difficult for our boys to mark or intercept. Nevertheless, the Falcons were determined in their efforts to regain control of the match and there were moments when they looked strong in attack. However, the match finished with the Dairy Flat Dodgers beating our team. Lucas Phan was Player of the Day for his work in defence.