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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inter-school Hockey - 11th June 2015

This week saw the long-awaited Interschools Hockey Tournament in Albany. It was a slow start for the Wentworth Team as their first opponents arrived late and missed all but the final few minutes of the match. Nevertheless, the Wentworth team managed to score 3 goals in those closing minutes and win. Our team went on to win three out of the next four games, with the remaining game ending in a draw. Unfortunately, due to administrative error, Wentworth was placed in the play-offs for 3rd/4th position whereas, in actual fact, Wentworth had tied in 1st place in their group and should have been in the running for the Grand Final. Nevertheless, with true Wentworth spirit, our team went on to play the best hockey of the day with an outstanding win in their final game of the tournament. With apologies from the organisers and clutching consolation prizes, the players returned to school having shown tremendous skill and teamwork. Congratulations to Lenny Bischoff, Matthew Brabant, Mattias Coutts,Brodie Cruse, Raphael Day, Heidi McAlpine, George O’Driscoll, Maddie Rist and Matthew Rist for an excellent day’s work.
Match Results:
Whangaparaoa Dolphins v Wentworth                    0:3
Wentworth v Wainui                                               10:0
Wentworth v Stanmore Bay 1                                 5:5
Gulf Harbour v Wentworth                                     0:8
Stella Maris 2 v Wentworth                                    1:6
Play-off for 3rd/4th

Wentworth v Whangaparaoa Orcas                        6:1 

Miniball - 15th June 2015

The Rockets blasted onto the court in this week’s game against the Small Blacks. From the beginning, they took control of the match and the opposition never really found their game. The Rockets launched themselves at the ball relentlessly, winning every tussle. They passed with speed and accuracy and made successful interceptions. The final score was an impressive 14:0 with Kiera Jordan being awarded Player of the Day for her superb bounce passes, when she was put under pressure, which enabled team-mates to break away with the ball.

Basketball - 14th June 2015

Once again, the Falcons soared to victory – this week against the Red Beach Comets. The teams were fairly evenly matched in the first half but the Falcons stepped up their game in the second half. With tight defence and a good passing game, they emerged as winners with a score of 9:3. Brodie Cruse was named Player of the Day for his endless energy in chasing the ball and passing it and, perhaps more importantly, for his ability to rise above some unsporting play from a member of the opposition. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Basketball - 7 June 2015

The Falcons continued their winning streak with a resounding success against Kingsway Knights. It was a fairly evenly-matched first half but the Falcons stretched their wings in the second half of the game and piled on the pressure with a much improved passing game, which set up many shooting opportunities. With fierce attacking, tight defence and accurate shooting, the Falcons soared to an impressive win of 22:11. Poppy Sancto-Jones was named Player of the Day for her ferocious defence of the key, making it difficult for the Knights to get within easy scoring distance. 

Miniball - Rockets - 7 June 2015

The Rockets were excellent mentors to their Comet counterparts on Thursday evening.  With much excitement and anticipation for this game against their friends, The Rockets demonstrated their experience as they exhibited both speed and flair around the court.  Fair play and teamwork were the order of the day and the Rockets certainly lived up to these values.  It was great to see Mr Donovan on the side-line cheering both teams on.  Congratulations to Jared Davies for receiving Player of the Day showing how quickly he has settled into the team.

Miniball - Comets - 7 June 2015

It was a late night ‘Clash of the Titans’ on Thursday when the Comets took on their friendliest foe, the Rockets!  It was a smashing game with both teams demonstrating their strengths.  The Comets relished the opportunity to play against a more experienced team and have taken note of some new tricks and tips to work on at training on Sunday.  It was an extremely stressful game for the teachers to watch as cheering for both teams was a little exhausting and confusing.  Thank you to Mr Donovan for coming to cheer us all on.  Player of the Day went to Michelle Kim for her excellent ‘hustling’ on both defence and attack.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Miniball - 30th May

The Rockets took on the SGH Titans this week and were simply amazing. From the outset, the Rockets took control of the game and the Titans had an uphill struggle to make any mark on it at all. The Rockets were on fire and unstoppable, in terms of both their skill and their awareness of each other. Special mention must go to Emily McLeish, who coolly scored her first ever points for the Rockets but it was Joshua Hill, the one-player scoring machine, with an incredible 6 shots making it through the hoop, who was named Player of the Day! With the final score 11:1, the Rockets returned to base to prepare for their next exciting mission, when they will face the Wentworth Comets.

Basketball - 30th May

The Falcons refused to be tamed by the Kingsway Guardians. Despite being without the luxury of a substitute and, therefore, having no fresh legs during the match, the Falcons were up to the challenge proffered by the Guardians. It was end-to-end action as both teams played some excellent basketball but it was the incredible team play and strategies of the Falcons that meant they emerged the victors. Even an eye injury to Mattias, resulting in his leaving the game before the final whistle, could not dampen the fighting spirit of the Falcons. With the final score 12:10 in their favour, it was a hard-won game. Player of the Day was Raphael Day for his tenacious defence.