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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miniball Results - 1st September 2014

A refuelling break this week for our Rockets!

Basketball Results - 1st September 2014

A tough game against North Harbour ended the Falcons’ winning streak. Despite energetic and determined play from our team, they just couldn’t manage to turn the match in their favour. Matthew Brabant was named Player of the Day for his consistency in defence. Onward and upwards, Falcons! (C Sancto)

Netball Results - 1st September 2014

Wentworth was up against an experienced Y6 team this week and found the challenge tough. There were a number of excellent players on the opposing side who caused problems for our players. Following a change of positions at half time, Wentworth began to get into the match and resumed some of their usual fast flowing game, although they had left themselves too much to do and the final result was in Stanmore Bay’s favour. Player of the Day was Oliver Willis, for his energy and speed in marking and intercepting.

Flippaball Results - 1st September 2014

The Wizards
Their performance was exceptional but they unfortunately lost 5v4 in a very close match. The defenders prevented many shots at goal, midfield passed accurately to the strikers who did well to find gaps and land goals. Player of the Day was Poppy for excellent marking and tackling. (R Sang)

The Warriors
The Warriors played exceptionally well with almost flawless defence and accurate goal shooting. It was good to see communication between the defenders and the mid field that allowed the strikers to monopolise their attack. The score was 13v1 tp the Warriors. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant with outstanding tactical play on defence and attack.( C Donovan)

The Seahorses
The Seahorses faced the formidable Stella Stingrays this week. With determination, they maintained their positions and frustrated many of the Stingray attacks. Our passing was much improved, resulting in a number of attempts on goal – and two shots tucked neatly into the back of the Stingrays’ net. Well done, Seahorses! Maddie Rist was the Player of the Day for her superb work in mid-pool. (C Sancto)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Netball Results - 25th August 2014

The netball squad just keeps on getting better. The opponents this week were the Kingsway Reds who, although they played well, could not match the Wentworth team in agility, passing or shooting. When watching our team play, it is difficult to believe that at the start of this season, they were newcomers to the sport, as they move the ball around the court with speed and accuracy. The final score was a well-deserved 9:0 to Wentworth and the Player of the Day was Jon Sancto-Jones, who was pivotal in defence, letting nothing past him. (C Sancto)

Flippa Ball Results - 25th August 2014

Flippa Ball
The Seahorses were up against the Storms this week. They focused on their positional play and passing, making it difficult for the Storms to play their usual strong game. There were some good tussles for the ball, with the Seahorses becoming more confident in tackling players. Although the Storms emerged the winners, it was encouraging to see how much progress the Seahorses have made in their understanding of the sport. Player of the Day was Bridie Smith for her determined attacking, including scoring! A special mention must also go to Maddie Rist who played as strongly as ever and also added to the goal tally. (C Sancto)

The Wizards played 2 games and disappointingly lost both losing 2v5 and 3v5. Both matches had Wizards keeping up with solid mid fielding throughout but unfortunately there  were gaps in our defence, and not enough shots at goal reaching the back of the oppositions net. Player of the day was Jon Sancto-Jones for excellent pressure applied at strike to the oppositions defence. (R  Sang).

The Warriors had a tough game, the defence was strong and solid, however a number of shots at gaol were unsuccessful which resulted in a 4v1 loss. Player of the Day was Aidan Beall with great midfield and attack play. ( C Donovan)

Miniball Results - 25th August 2014

The Rockets - It was a brave performance by the Rockets today, who were all running on tired legs after the morning’s cross-country run. They didn’t give up, though, and started putting some swift dribbling and passing manoeuvres together in the second half. The match was won by the Kingsway Breakers with the final result 5:0. Austin McAlpine was the Player of the Day for his outstanding efforts throughout the game. (C Sancto)

Basketball Results - 25th August 2014

Again the Falcons treated their supporters to a dazzling display of passing, dribbling and shooting. It was a pleasure to watch them as they took control of the game right from the start and were relentless in their determination to make every moment count. Each player was alert and focused; almost every pass by the opposing team was successfully intercepted; and shots were fired in from every angle. Even the ball getting stuck behind the hoop did not distract them from their game! The final result was 26:4 and Ethan Smith was named Player of the Day for consistent scoring and winning rebounds. (C Sancto)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

18th August - Netball Results

Year 5/6 Netball Team
Following on from the Netball Zone Day the Year 5/6 Netball Team had their best game yet. They played like a real team with lots of talking and passing. The defence was great too. Player of the day was Poppy Sancto-Jones. 

18th August - Miniball Results

The Rockets won their match against the SGH Lilblues this week. Some strong attacking from the team led to several quick breaks, which resulted in a couple of points by the final whistle. Player of the Day was Emily McLeish for her staunch support in defence.

18th August - Basketball Results

The Falcons continued their winning streak against SGH Sting. With strong positional play, speed and accurate passing, the Falcons are now looking like they mean business. Player of the Day was Brodie Cruse for breaking free of the opposition and powering down the length of the court on several occasions. 

18th August - Flippaball Results

The Seahorses continued to work on their positioning this week. With encouragement, the defence managed to block a number of strong manoeuvres from the Stella Stingrays; and Isabella turned the ball away from the goal on several occasions. Player of the Day was Joshua Hill, for his efforts and positional play in attack.

The Wizards dominated their game with accurate passing and were outstanding in all areas of goal keeping, defence and strike. Wizards won 5v1, Player of the Day was Josh Jenkins who defended solidly throughout the game. (R Sang)

The Warriors led in the first half with good co-ordinated passing and attacking play. The defence and good goal keeping shut the opposition down. However the second half saw our lead slip away and the final result was 3v3 draw. Player of the Day was Ethan Smith with brilliant defensive and goal keeping. ( C Donovan)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

11 Aug - Basketball Results

The Falcons took flight this week!
They played like champions, winning every ball that came near them. With speed and accuracy, they swooped down the court, making every pass and every shot count. Defence was tight and attack was fierce. A majestic performance ended with an almighty score of 23:0. Well done, Falcons! Player of the Day was Oliver Willis, who was relentless in his attacking. Huge thanks are due also to Year 7 students, Thomas Morgan and Daniel Bunting, for their lunchtime coaching session, which really paid off.

11th Aug Flippa Ball Results

The Wentworth Warriors played two games on Sunday. The first game was against the Wentworth Wizards. It had the hall marks of being a good competitive game, and that’s exactly what it was. The Wizards led most of the way but the Warriors banged in two quick goals to even the score at 3v3. Both teams played well with great defence and attack. Wizards Player of the Day was Ronan Sang for very good attacking play and Warriors Player of the Day was Paige Robinson for exceptional defence.

The second Warriors game saw them passing and shooting like a well-oiled machine. The ball quickly made its way to the strikers who rarely failed finding the net. The defenders had their work cut out and did a fantastic job at limiting the oppositions attack. The final score was 8v2 to the Warriors.