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Monday, April 6, 2015

Miniball - 6th April

 The Year 4 Rockets blasted straight from Shakespear Camp to Stanmore Bay to meet up with the Year 3 members of the team. Their final match of Term 1 was against SGH Titans who, unfortunately, were unable to field a team, so it was a technical win for the Rockets. The Titans managed to recruit a couple of volunteers from the league above and the match commenced. Our players had to step up their game considerably to keep up with the new opposition and they did this with style and energy. Rory Brabant was named Player of the Day for his focus and determination in defence and a special mention must go to Alexander Krageloh who scored his first ever basket in a match! Well done, Rockets!

Basketball - 6th April

The Falcons had to fly in from camp for the final match of the season. They were facing tough opposition in the form of Kingsway Blue and had already spent two days doing such physical activities as sailing, coasteering, orienteering and rockclimbing so it looked like it was going to be a huge demand on their energies. However, the Falcons were warmed up and ready to go; not only matching the Blues’ pace but beating them in both speed and skill. It was an exciting match and the tension was increased further by the referee’s decision to award penalty shots to the Blues in the dying seconds of the game. With the score at 11:9 in the Falcons’ favour, nobody dared breathe as the Kingsway player took his aim. Three times he stepped forward and three times the ball bounced off the rim. A well-deserved win for the Falcons, with Poppy Sancto-Jones named Player of the Day for her tight marking in defence.