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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Miniball - Comets 18/09/2015

A Comet can be defined as 'a central mass surrounded by an envelope of dust and gas'.  This definition got me thinking........Wow......our Comets are amazing!  At the beginning of the season our game play consisted of a huddled team crowded around the ball, yet tonight I was reminded of how much our team has improved.  We are beginning to use the whole court, to spread out and find space.  We are crowding the opponent with the ball and rather than being mere dust on the outside of a mass, the Comets are playing a purposeful positional game.  Unfortunately tonight was not our night on the scoreboard.  The Small Blacks were a formidable opponent, littered with sharp shooters across the court.  Full credit goes to each member of our team for working hard on defence.  It was this impressive style of defensive play that saw Annabelle Duncan take our Player of the Day award.  Annabelle shadowed her opponent around the court and was constantly forcing the Small Blacks to make errors on attack.  Well done Annabelle.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miniball - 13th Sept 2015

The Rockets went into overdrive last week in their match against Kingsway Blue. Strategic play saw them in the driving seat from the beginning of the match and they maintained this position until the final whistle. Supporters were treated to some beautiful passing play and fast breaks allowed the Rockets to create time and space for numerous shots. The final score was 11:3 to the Rockets, reflecting just how far this team have come in the time they have played together. There were strong performances from each player – well done to you all. The Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan whose determination to chase the ball and intercept the opposition was a crucial factor in the game.

The Comets have been working hard to develop some structure in their game and tonight it paid off!  Each player knew their role and worked hard to be in the 'right place at the right time'.  
Fair play, teamwork and effort all require a positive attitude!  The Comets have fostered a genuinely supportive team environment.  They back each other up and encourage each member of the team to be 'their' best.
Tonight we were disappointed to play against an opposition which had a team member who did not demonstrate this positive Wentworth attitude.  I was proud of our player who was a true example of the Wentworth values.  This brave Comet continued to hold their head high and play with excellence, integrity, tolerance and respect.  Congratulations for being the 'better person'.
Player of the Day!
Tonight's Player of the Day was awarded to Emily McLeish for always demonstrating a positive attitude by turning up to each game with a smile on her face and for always encouraging and supporting her team.  Well done Emily.   

Basketball - 13th Sept 2015

Another tough game lay in wait for the Falcons last week as they faced opponents Dairy Flat Vipers. Already two players down before the match began, it was further misfortune when Raphael injured his foot and was unable to start the game. Rocket team member, Charlotte, stepped in to take his place and determined passing play saw the Falcons keep pace with the Vipers throughout the first half of the game. However, despite some excellent teamwork from the Falcons, the Vipers managed to pull ahead in the second half to win. It was pleasing to see that each Wentworth player improved his or her game this week. Mattias and Maddie were strong in defense; Savannah was back on scoring form and Brodie was determined and energetic throughout the game.  The Player of the Day award went to Charlotte Sancto-Jones, not only for her relentless pursuit of the ball but also for her ability to find space to take a shot at the hoop!

Monday, September 7, 2015


On a wet and windy Thursday, five of our best Y5 and Y6 distance runners faced tough competition from other local schools as they lined up for the Inter-schools Cross-Country Competition at Shakespear Park. Each runner had to complete two laps, which included a beach section; crossing a creek; some hill running and battling the elements. For some it was their first time at such an event and they paced themselves admirably with energy to spare as they closed the ground on their final sprints towards the finish line. For those who had competed before, the challenge was to beat last year’s placings, which they all did. Well done to all our runners and also to the Y7 and Y8 College students – particularly Mille Wilton, who finished 1st in the Y7 Girls’ Event.

Our team: Maddie Rist, Heidi McAlpine, Lennie Bischoff, Matthew Rist and Mathias Coutts.

Miniball - 4th September


The Rockets thundered to victory last week against the SGH Titans. They were an unbeatable force, with strong attacking game play and tight defense making it virtually impossible for the Titans to get into the game. The Rockets chased every ball, intercepted successfully and their shots were on target. The final score was a well-deserved 8:3 and Rory Brabant was named Player of the Day for his focused, determined play throughout the entire match.

Basketball - 4th September 2015


The Falcons faced the Kingsway Kings last week and played a much stronger, tactical game than previously. Good positioning and accurate passing for the most part, meant that the Falcons were able to create scoring opportunities in both halves of the match and they matched the Kings in both skill and speed. It was an exciting game to watch, with plenty of end-to-end action and the Falcons were unlucky not to walk away with at least a draw. They were beaten by only a few points. Player of the Day was Brodie Cruse, who was a key player in attack and whose passing had a huge impact on the game.