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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Summer Soccer Results - 1st December 2014

Wentworth White had a loss (2:7) against a team that has played together for the last few years.  Mille was the player of the day for a great goal and excellent running.

Wentworth Red had a loss (3:11) against Silverdale. Player of the day was Jackson Graeff.

Flippaball Results - 1st December 2014

Wentworth Warriors
The Wentworth Warriors played exceptionally well and stuck to the game plan. Initially down 2v0 the Warriors came back and scored 4 unanswered points to win a very tough and hard fought game. The whole team played with skill and hunger. Warriors won 4v2. Player of the Day was the whole team. (C Donovan)

Wentworth Wizards
The Wentworth Wizards lost their first game 4v3 in a demanding and rough game. In the second half the Wizards put up a great fight to almost come back and win. The highlight of the game was the awesome defence which disrupted the opponents striking ability.

In the second game the whole team played well winning 8v2. Player of the Day was Josh who demonstrated fantastic blocking defence.. (R Sang) 

Miniball Results - 1st December 2014

We saw stars this week as the Rockets dazzled the Stanmore Bay Warriors with their brilliance! The teamwork, skill and determination of these young players finally paid off with an outstanding score of 7:1. Each and every player worked hard, giving 100% effort and it was a scoreline that truly reflected that. Well done, Rockets! Player of the Day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her all-round fabulous skills in dribbling, passing and shooting. 

Basketball Results - 1st December 2014

Yet another amazing game from the Falcons this week saw them finally defeat their old adversaries, the NHFM Cobras! It really was their best game yet with excellent teamwork, accurate passing and almost-impenetrable defence. Super-tight refereeing resulted in many calls against the Falcons on technicalities but this only served to make the Falcons up their game to another level. The match ended with a well-deserved result of 8:7 with Lucas Phan being named as Player of the Day for his tremendous effort and play on court.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Miniball Results - 24th November 2014

The Rockets just get better week after week! Their team spirit and cooperation are a pleasure to watch and, when you consider that this is such a young team, their ability to compete in a Y3/4 league is a credit to them. Yet again, the Rockets played their hearts out and their developing skills and game strategies were evident on court for all to see. However, it was the Titans who emerged the winners after a tough on-court battle and Emily McLeish was named Player of the Day for her improved attacking. (C Santo)

Basketball Results - 24th November 2014

Wow! The spectators were treated to a dazzling display of basketball on Tuesday when the Falcons took on the Stanmore Bay Bulls. If you blinked, you missed the action as it was non-stop, end-to-end play. The teams were evenly matched and both were determined to keep control of the game, resulting in a nail-biting match all the way to the final whistle. A call against the Falcons in the last minute of the game separated the teams by one point, with the final result 9:8 to the Bulls. Player of the Day was Oliver Willis for ferocious attacking play. (C Sancto)

Flippaball Results - 24th November 2014

Wentworth Warriors
The Wentworth Warriors played well with good defence and strike. At time the mid let them down but the ball still found its way to the strike zone. The Warriors won 7v2. Player of the Day was Blake Fortzer-Bezar for great goal defence. (C Donovan)

Wentworth Wizards

The Wentworth Wizards lost 8v3 struggling in a physically tough game. There were moments where the Wizards were outstanding in defence and mid but unable to repeat the brilliant teamwork shown in previous games. Player of the Day was Poppy for her great effort in defensive marking. (R Sang) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Summer Soccer Results - 17th November

Wentworth REDS won 1:5. Player of the Day was George O'Driscoll

Wentworth WHITES won 5:4.

Congratulations to both teams.

Flippaball Results - 17th November

Wentworth Warriors
The Wentworth Warriors played the Wentworth Wizards in a local derby. As it expected it was a real arm wrestle and could have easily gone either way. Both teams played well with solid defence that frustrated the strikers. In the end the Warriors had a narrow win 5v4. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant. (C Donovan)

Wentworth Wizards
The Wentworth Wizards played two games. The first game was against the Warriors the second game saw the strikers throw with more accuracy and putting increased pressure on the goalie. Defence was solid throughout both games. The Wizards won their second game 7v1. Player of the Day was Jonathan. (R Sang)

Miniball Results - 17th November

The Rockets had two matches back-to-back this week against two tough opponents. The first game was against Stanmore Bay Warriors and it was a real battle between the teams. This served as a warm-up in readiness for the second match against Red Beach Jets, who found the Rockets raring to go. Yet another mighty battle ensued on-court and it was a shame that the score did not reflect the excitement of the game. Although the Rockets did not win either match this week, the teamwork and effort they displayed was superb. Players of the Day were Joshua Hill for his determination and powerful play throughout both matches and Charlotte Sancto-Jones, who was back on fighting-fit form and scored for the Rockets.  

Basketball Results - 17th November 2014

The Falcons swooped to victory yet again this week, with an amazing score of 17:4 against SGH Sting. Defence was tight, allowing the opposition little room to manoeuvre and our players positioned themselves under the hoop so that they were ready to gain possession of any rebounds. However, it was the swift attacking that was the key to the Falcons’ success. With incredible speed, the team passed the ball from player to player, creating space and allowing time for each other to shoot and score. The Player of the Day was Brodie Cruse for controlled and generous passing to other team members.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Basketball Results - 10th November 2014

The Falcons flew in from camp this week for their match against Orewa North Celtics. Despite a fully active day: building rafts, orienteering and climbing – the Falcons had energy to spare as they powered up and down the court with unswerving focus. The teamwork was superb, with the Falcons passing the ball from player to player with speed and determination. The game ended with the score 17:6 in our favour and Ethan Smith was named Player of the Day for his positioning and shooting accuracy. (C Sancto)

Miniball Results - 10th November 2014

The Rockets faced Red Beach Supernova for the second time this term and, again, found it a tough challenge. Although the Rockets made a number of successful interceptions and had some fast breaks, particularly in the second half of the match, they just couldn’t get the ball into the net to score. Nevertheless, the Rockets continue to make progress in their team skills and strategies. Player of the Day was Bridie Smith for her energetic play and good positioning on court. (C Sancto)

Flippaball Results - 10th November 2014

Wentworth Warriors
The Wentworth Warriors were taught a lesson on how to defend. Unfortunately our defence lacked urgency when competing for the ball and ended up chasing the ball and not marking. These are areas that we can work on at training. The Warriors lost 9v2. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant for accurate goal shooting. (C Donovan)

Wentworth Wizards
The Wentworth Wizards lost 7v4 in a tough game. The Wizards were caught off guard at the start of the match, but fought back in the second half with coordinated attacks and improved defence. Player of the Day was Brodie for great saves in goal. (R Sang)