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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miniball - Comets - 29th May 2015

The Comets continue to grow in both their individual skill level as well as their understanding of each other as a team.  Thursday's game against Kingsway Combined saw the Comets expertly implement tactics they have been practicing in training.  Accurate passing, controlled dribbling and dynamic defensive moves kept everyone on the sideline entertained.  Kingsway Combined won the fast paced game.  Emily McLeish was player of the day demonstrating her aerial dominance and winning two jumps balls.  See you all at training on Sunday 7th June.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Basketball - 25th May 2015

The Falcons were a dream team this week as they beat the Dairy Flat Dodgers 25:0. The Falcons took control of the game from the outset, passing the ball down the court swiftly, making every single shot count. Their play and positioning was strategic and decisive and their marking was tenacious, with the Dairy Flat team unable to shake them off. The Falcons maintained their focus to produce some of their best play yet. Congratulations to each team member – it was a pleasure to watch. Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson, who found her shooting form and was totally involved in attacking the opposition. 

Miniball - Rockets - 25th May 2015

The Rockets played against SGH Ally Oops this week. This proved to be a tough game with the SGH team having a noticeable height advantage. However, always up for a challenge, the Rockets matched them for speed and determination with some well-timed interceptions and attacking play. Time and again, the Rockets blasted down the court but just simply could not get sufficient shots on target. Charlotte Sancto-Jones managed a super, loping shot which powered into the basket from a long way out, earning her the Player of the Day award.

Miniball - Comets - 25th May 2015

Determined, committed and keen......excellent words to describe the Comets playing attitude this week!

The Comets demonstrated a fantastic improvement in their passing, dribbling and defence.  Teamwork was the key this week, with all players putting in 100% effort.  Kingsway Blue proved to be formidable opponents taking out the game. Michelle Kim was our player of the day as she was always available on attack and worked hard to get her hands over the ball in defence. Well done Michelle.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miniball - 17th May 2015

Wow! The Rockets met some mighty opponents on Thursday in the form of Kingsway Combined. A twenty minute battle ensued, with end-to-end action as each team attacked the game relentlessly. With swift passing and decisive interceptions, the Rockets managed to pull in front with only minutes left and maintained this lead for the remainder of the match. The final result was 3:2 to the Rockets with Austin McAlpine retaining the Player of the Day title for his superb shooting skills. (C Sancto)

Basketball - 17th May 2015

After a decidedly shaky first half, the Falcons spread their wings and attacked the game against Orewa North Thunder. At every opportunity the Falcons swooped to gain possession of the ball and, with renewed purpose, they passed it down the court, making every shot count. Tight defensive play left Orewa North with little room for manoeuvre. An exceptional second half's play ended with victory to the Falcons; the score 15:5. The player of the day was Mattias Courts, both for his ability to find space and his superb shooting, including a couple of beautifully taken penalties. (C Sancto)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Miniball - 30th April 2015

The Rockets faced Red Beach Supanova in their opening game of the season. It was a thrilling match with both teams battling to gain control of the play. The Rockets played with incredible energy and this week Kiera Jordan joined the scoring ranks, alongside Joshua Hill and Charlotte Sancto-Jones. The final result was 5:4 to RB Supanova but the Rockets were unlucky not to have come away with at least a draw. Player of the Day was Kiera Jordan, who is going from strength to strength with every game. 

The newly-formed Wentworth Comets blazed onto the court ready for their first game of basketball against the more experienced Red Beach Jets.  Raw talent enabled the Comets to find good court position, pass with accuracy and defend courageously.  We look forward to watching this team grow and develop their skills over the coming season.  Player of the Day was Alexander Krageloh for his determined play throughout the match. 

Basketball - 30th April 2015

In their first game of the season, the Falcons were up against SGH Dragons, one of the toughest teams in the league and, due to injury, the Falcons were without a substitute. Undaunted, they pulled out all the stops to play a superb game with tight marking and accurate passing. Although they did not beat the Dragons, our team were no easy opponents and it was exciting, end-to-end action for the entire match. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant, who attacked the opposition relentlessly. 

Netball - 30 April 2015

Our first game of netball on the 23 April was outstanding.  From the outset we dominated the game giving the opposition very little possession.  We were strong both attacking and in defence as well as our shooters.  The children used the court wisely getting the ball into the shooters quickly and efficiently.  The new players to the team quickly slotted in and took heed from the more experienced players.  Savannah and Maddie were forces to reckon with in the shooting circle as they were able to find space to have shots at the goal.  A great win of 11-0 to us was the final score and player of the day was Orion for a great defensive game.

The second game of the session came after a majority of the team had played in a soccer tournament in the wind and cold.  The team versed for netball was Orewa North Phoenix who stood a head higher than us and had some exceptional players.  At first our team got a bit flustered as the other team dominated the court and play.  They started to adapt and take back control in the second half pulling back the score to a 9-7 lose.   The player of the day was Matthew Rist who was all over his opponent and gaining much needed possession of the ball.