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Thursday, May 25, 2017

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 5&6 - 22 MAY 2017

This was a classic come from behind win for the Wentworth Warriors. We were down 2-4 at half time. There were plenty of shooting opportunities but they weren’t converted into points. After the half time talk the strikers positioned themselves and started looking for gaps. The result was a much improved performance with 5 unanswered goals. Our defenders played a strong game. After half time our goal keeper Ben, was able to position himself within the zone and catch the ball. This resulted in him stopping any further goals.  The final score was 7-4. Player of the Day was Rory Brabant for his good positioning and strong attacking game. 
Training for the both the Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 Flippa Ball teams will take place on Fridays at the Leisure Centre from 4:00 to 5:00pm. 
Chris Donovan 

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 3&4 - 22 MAY 2017

The Years 3/4 Flippa Ball team had another successful game of Flippaball last night. The team did really well and kept to their positions and worked together. The strikers did a great job of staying in their positions and moving around passing the ball to score. The defensive players did a fantastic job blocking the opposition from getting a chance to score. We won 7-Nil and Player of the Day went to James Nathan for great defensive play and goalie. 
Lara McColl - Yr 11 Student Coach


We had a big disappointment this week when our opposition didn’t turn up! We ended up having a great time though, with students, parents and teachers practising our shooting and team building. Netball trainings will be at lunchtime on Mondays & Thursdays.  Please bring your PE kit and netball shoes to train in. Thank you!


The Comets had a difficult game this week and lost to the Crystals 6-8. Although it wasn’t our week, the Comets made a big effort and some great intercepts to stop even more goals being scored against us.
Player of the day was Ben Oliver for his super work in goal scoring and being ready to get the rebounds. Well done, Ben!
Despite not being a winning team, it was still a great game and we look forward to hopefully winning our next game.
By Austin McAlpine


What a game! Passing, passing, passing. The Rockets have learnt to pass and they really showed off their skills this week! Working like a well-oiled machine, the Rockets worked to get the ball to the right end of the court.  Another great point to this week’s game was that everyone had a few shots at goal.
The Rockets had a good win and the Player of the Day was Ben Rist for his excellent work in getting the ball to the other side of the court, and for helping out and scoring some great goals. Good for you, Ben!

Monday, May 15, 2017


This week was a new grading week and the Comets did not win their game. We were a few players down through injury, so this didn’t make it any easier.  However the Comets did their usual thing, and tried their very best.  Better luck next time, Comets!
Player of the Day this week was Josh Hill. Well done, Josh!
Mrs Clark - Sports Co-Ordinator


The Rockets miniball team had a tricky match this week, losing 13-3. The opposition were good interceptors which made it difficult for the Rockets to score.  The Rockets began to make a comeback during the second half, when they improved their passing and started to get faster at getting the ball down the court and to our goal.
Eli Fitzpatrick won Player of the Day this week. Well done Eli, what a great effort on your first game!


Thursday night's game was the second game of the season for the Wentworth Stars Netball team.  Our defensive and attacking game still needs alot of work, however this team shows a lot of promise!  Players of the Day were Bethany Smith for her listening skills and Rory Brabant for his brilliant defensive work. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NETBALL - YEARS 5&6 - 8 MAY 2017

Well, what a first game!
Unlike a lot of the teams who will be playing this season, Wentworth starts each season with a whole new team. Some of our players have never played netball before so it was super to see how well we all worked together. We had some great passing, and our netballers worked together like they had always been a team.
We had two players of the day - Emily Treble for a fantastic, intuitive first game, and Bridie Smith, for her great passing and "give it a go" attitude. Well done to you both!
Although we didnt have a win this week, I cannot wait to see how the Wentworth Stars progress throughout the season. Netball trainings will be at lunchtime on Mondays & Thursdays.  Please bring your PE kit and netball shoes to train in. Thank you!
Mrs Clark

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 5 & 6 - 8 MAY 2017

This was the first game of the season. The team have four new players who hadn’t played before and their goal was to have fun. The defenders had a good first game.  They were able to stop the opposition from getting into position to take too many shots at goal. The strikers communicated well and passed between each other, looking for space and shooting opportunities. The final result was 8-1 to Wentworth. Player of the Day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her strong role as midfielder, and her ability to chase down the ball and create shooting opportunities.
Training for the both the Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 Flippa Ball teams will take place on Fridays at the Leisure Centre from 4:00 to 5:00pm. 
Mr Donovan 

FLIPPA BALL - YEARS 3 & 4 - 8 MAY 2017

On Sunday night the Years 3/4 team had their first game of Flippa Ball of the year. They all played so well and we are so proud of them. Throughout the game we could see their confidence and knowledge of the game building. We won 6-0 which was such a good confidence builder for the team. Player of the Day went to Ben Rist as he stood out with his ball skills, helping the other players and shooting goals. We are so proud of them and can't wait to see them progress over the terms. Lara McColl and Kate Haggerty are the Student Coaches.
Mr Donovan


The Comets were up against it last week when they faced their more experienced opposition.  Whilst they didn't come away with a win, their general attacking play was slick and showed great skill.  Unfortunately the ball would not drop into the hoop and they were unable to hold onto the game.  Player of the Day went to Jared Davies.  A great effort by all and we are looking forward to following this team next term.


It was an exciting match on Tuesday evening when the Asteroids took to the court.  The game was close with both teams having good scoring opportunities.  Unfortunately the scoreboard did not reflect the hard fought game played by the Asteroids, but all agreed that it was an excellent team match!  Player of the Day went to Charlotte Sancto-Jones who executed a Kobe Bryant 360 degree turn to evade her opposition.  Fabulous effort Charlotte!


The Rockets had a tough outing last week. however the second half of the game saw them pull together as a team and play with cohesion and improved skill.  We look forward to watching these players develop their understanding and group dynamic next term.  Player of the Day went to Jessica Rensen.  An excellent game Jessica - you are continuing to improve each week!


Inter-schools Swimming
Our top swimmers in Years 5 and 6 attended the Inter-schools Swimming Tournament at Northern Arena last week, competing against swimmers from all over the Hibiscus Coast and from as far away as Warkworth.


Although the Comets played a fantastic, defensive game in their first half this week, they sadly couldn’t hold off the opposition during the action packed second half, and they sadly suffered a shattering defeat at the hands of the Stanmore Bay Skyhawks.
Josh Hill was awarded the Player of the Day this week. Well done to you, Josh!
Mrs Clark


Humid weather saw the court full of sweaty red faced Asteroids on Tuesday afternoon.  A lapse in energy meant the Asteroids struggled to reach their usual great heights, however the first half score remained close, with the players showing moments of absolute brilliance!  Annabelle Duncan, our Player of the Day, demonstrated one of these brilliant moments when she dribbled the ball three quarters of the court with confidence, speed and focus.  Annie is also doing an excellent job of keeping her feet planted before passing the ball.  Congratulations Annie!  Keep working hard Asteroids; you are an exciting new team and so much fun to watch on game day!
Mrs Clark


Wentworth Rockets
This week was a tough week for the Rockets, who suffered a (small) loss at the hands of the Red Beach Solars. Amy Akehurst won Player of the Day this week for making some great passes as well as minimising our loss with some brilliant defending. This is a skill which Amy has been displaying on the court all term. Well done, Amy!
Mrs Clark