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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Netball Results 30th June 2014

Another amazing performance, with a great win of 8 to 4 against Whangaparaoa.  The children played extremely well using the whole court.  They have all improved immensely from the first game.  Savannah and Blake make a dynamic duo in the goal circle and Heidi is a little pocket rocket in the centre position.  Orion had the game of the season earning player of the day. (T King)

Miniball Results 30th June 2014

The Rockets did not play this week. (C Sancto)

Flippaball Results 30th June 2014

Years 3/4 - The Seahorses finished their first ever season with a fabulous win! The team has worked incredibly hard to learn the flippa rules and skills and have been enthusiastic from start to finish. Each player has improved and we are now looking forward to even more success next term. Player of the day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones. Well done, Seahorses! (C Sancto)

Years 5/6
Thank you for your support throughout the term. Both teams have improved significantly and both Richard and I look forward to build upon that improvement for next term.The first game will be on the Sunday before Wentworth starts school, I will send out a reminder to everyone before the first game. I have requested that our training day and time remain unchanged. The first training date will be on the Monday we start back at school, 28 July.Once again well done to the players and supporters.

The Wentworth Warriors -  played a good strong game and dominated in both defence and attack. The Warriors won 6v0. Player of the Day was Matthew Brabant who played a pivotal role in defence and attack. (C Donovan)

​The Wentworth Wizards had a great finish to the term by putting on an assertive display of attack and determined defence. The Wizards won 1v8. Player of the Day was Beau Walbran who played an excellent role in defence. (R Sang)

Basketball Results 30th June 2014

The Falcons were back on good form this week, particularly in the second half of the match when their passing and moving around the court looked fast and accurate. Sadly, they didn’t manage to finish each run with a basket but, nevertheless, it was a definite show of strength from the Falcons in their last game of the season. Player of the Day was Oliver Willis (C Sancto)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Netball Results 23 June 2014

What a spectacular netball game the children had on Thursday evening with a win against Wainui of 11 to 2.  They all played extremely well .  Thank you to all the parents encouraging the children, they certainly rise to the positive feedback from you all.  Olivia and Greer are doing a great job with coaching the children.  They are very aware of each weeks focus and the team are taking it on board and putting it into practice.    Player of the day was Jon Sancto-Jones. 

Miniball Results 23 June 2014

The Rockets were a force to be reckoned with this week, powering up and down the court with accurate passing between team members. Charlotte Sancto-Jones was player of the day as she refused to be beaten in her pursuit of the ball.

Flippaball Results 23 June 2014

Year 3/4
Way to go, Seahorses! After lots of encouragement and hard work, things are starting to come together for the Year 3/4 team. It was game on in the pool on Sunday as the Seahorses scored 4 goals, not enough to win the match, but now swimming with the tide rather than against it. Scoring a hat-trick, Mattias Coutts was named player of the day.

Year 5/6
The Wentworth Warriors were undone by a stronger, well disciplined team. Although the Warriors led at the start this was quickly eroded and ended up losing 11v2. Player of the Day was Ethan Smith who played a superb role on defence and attack.

The Wentworth Wizards put in a big effort but the opposition positioned themselves well and made it hard for our strikers. The Wizards lost 2v5. Player of the Day was Oliver Willis who displayed great tackling in defence. 

Basketball Results 23 June 2014

The Falcons were a little patchy in their game this week. There were some exciting moments of fast, furious action but the Kingsway Wildcats took full advantage of any lapse in concentration to win the game.  Player of the Day was Poppy Sancto-Jones for her fearless attacking.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Netball Results 16th June 2014

The children played their little hearts out on Thursday night in the pouring rain.  The ball was very slippery and they found it hard to keep their hands on it.  They played Stella Maris who were a great team with an amazing shooter.  Unfortunately we lost 13 to 1 we just couldn’t get the ball down our end and score.  Many lessons were learnt which will be worked on this week in practice.  Player of the day was Ethan Smith.  

Miniball Results 16th June 2014

The Rockets refuelled this week as they had a bye – but they are on the launchpad ready for next week’s game.  

Flippaball Results 16th June 2014

Year 3/4
The Seahorses continue making progress by getting to grips with positioning this week. They were up against an experienced team but managed to complete some successful tackles. Bridie had a great game in goal and Raphael’s training resulted in his noticeably improved play. The player of the day, however, was Keira Jordan for her super positioning in lots of space.

Year 5/6
The Wentworth Warriors played a difficult game and lost some of their structure both on defence and in attack. However we ended up with a 6v6 draw which probably reflected our game plan. Player of the Day was Paige Robinson who picked up her defensive game in the second half and saved some certain goals. Well done.

Year 5/6
The Wentworth Wizards had a difficult game with messy periods in defence and attack. It was good to see the half time deficit turned around to result in a 4v4 draw thanks to some strong marking in defence in the second half. Player of the Day goes to Brodie Cruse for good accurate goal scoring.

Basketball Results 16th June 2014

Despite the Falcons’ improved passing game, the Silverdale Superstars won this week’s match against them. Player of the Day was Blake Fortzer-Bezar for his tireless effort throughout the match. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Netball Results 9th June 2014

Wow! Wentworth was back on winning form against the Stella Flyers with an impressive display of passing, positioning and intercepting. Each player created spaces and opportunities and the end result of 9:0 was well-deserved. Player of the Day was Poppy Sancto-Jones for her impenetrable defence. 

Miniball Results 9th June 2014

The Rockets played hard and fast against the Kingsway Breakers and it was an exciting game to watch. With end-to-end action and superb teamwork, the Rockets were unlucky to finish the game with the score 3:1 against them. Well done, Austin McAlpine, who was named player of the day for his tremendous effort in both attack and defence. 

Flippaball Results 9th June 2014

Year 3/4
The Seahorses meant business at the pool on Sunday and, at half-time, the score was 3:3. Much of the play was focused in the opposition’s half but a couple of long throws and quick breaks resulted in the final score being 5:3 to the Stella Scuttlefish. Huge thanks to Maddie Rist and Matthew Brabant, who splashed in on our behalf this week and did a tremendous job! Player of the day, for determined pursuit of the Scuttlefish attack, was Rory Brabant. 
Year 5/6
The Wentworth Warriors knew they were in for a hard game. The pre-game discussion focused on marking and accurate shooting. Everything that was discussed was implemented in the game. The defenders worked hard to cut down attacking options and the strikers communicating well. The result was a 6v2 win for the Warriors. Player of the Day was Blake Fortzer-Bezar for being able to substitute from strike to goal keeping.
Year 5/6
The Wentworth Wizards had an excellent game that was played at a very fast pace. The strikers were working as a unit and the defenders marked well. The result was 6v4 to the Wizards. Player of the day was Matthew Brabant for suburb striker teamwork and goal shooting. 

Basketball Results 9th June 2014

The Red Beach Flames set the pace in this week’s game and the Falcons found it challenging to keep up with them. As the second half began, there were a couple of moments when it looked as if the Falcons might pull level but the Flames’ teamwork kept them ahead. Ethan Smith scored with a fast and accurate shot at goal, which earned him the Player of the Day award. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Basketball Results 4th June 2014

There was more fighting spirit from the Falcons when they played SGH Sonics earlier in the week. Although the end result was not in their favour, they fought hard against strong opposition. Blake Fortzer-Bezar was the Player of the Day for his relentless attacking. (C Sancto)

Netball Results 4th June 2014

Wentworth played up a grade this week after impressing everyone watching last week. They put on a strong performance but found the opposition tough to beat. Nevertheless, it was an exciting match with determined attacking and some well-timed interceptions. Player of the Day was Savannah Marston-Fergusson for keeping calm when shooting under pressure – and a special mention must go to the opposition’s Goal Shooter – Wentworth’s Eva Wagner – who was fast and accurate. (C Sancto)

Miniball Results 4th June 2014

The Rockets played against the Dairy Flat Dynamites this week and it was a tough match. They were a tall team but the Rockets were faster and able to run through and around them.  Despite some excellent attacking, the Rockets just couldn’t get the ball in the net and Dairy Flat emerged the winners. Player of the Day was Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her tough defence! (C Sancto)