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Sunday, September 18, 2016


This game was the final for the term and we were playing for First place. It had the hallmarks of being a great game, particularly when you consider that the last time we met this team we lost 6-0. It turned out to be a fantastic game where the lead changed throughout the game and, at one point, we were two points ahead at the end of the first half. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold the lead and lost 3v5. The team played a fantastic game but were unable to convert our opportunities into points and our defence started to tire. Players of the Day were Maddie Rist for her dynamic defence and attack. The other Player of the Day goes to the rest of the team. Great job, you should be very proud.

Mr Donovan


A draw!  Congratulations Asteroids - you fought hard in this game and it was great to see you come away with a draw (2-2) after such a tough and exciting match.  Every member of this team worked as a unit, demonstrating some slick passing and rugged defence.  I have never seen a game need so many 'jump ball' restarts, and that is purely due to the 'never give up' attitude displayed by all of the Asteroids.  At one point I thought I was watching a wrestling match as there were players all over the floor of the court fighting to maintain possession of the ball - Well done!
Player of the Day went to Xavier Melhop for making two important steals at key moments in the game and for working hard to disrupt the flow of the game for the other team.  Congratulations Xavier - you continue to improve each week!

Mrs McLeish


Red Beach Rockets are an excellent miniball team and in the past they have beaten us by some very large margins - NOT this week however.  Although we did not go home with the win we certainly were not easy opposition.  Our defensive game was excellent.  The Rockets had many attempts at goal that were thwarted by the well positioned hands of a Comets player.  Whilst there were some excellent passes between our players this week, we are still using too many long loping lob throws which are easily intercepted by our opponents.  This is an area of our game that we can continue to work on.  Player of the Day this week went to Rosa Clark.  Rosa has come to miniball from a netball background where she is used to catching and then immediately passing the ball.  This week Rosa was working hard to catch the ball and dribble before passing, and it was great to see Rosa introduce this skill in her game.  Rosa was also available to receive some tricky passes.  Excellent work Rosa!

Mrs McLeish


The Hornets faced the SGH Templars last week. They were prepared for battle and put their best strategy into action to take control of the match from the outset. At half-time, the Hornets were in the lead with the score 5-0 but the Templars rallied and came back strongly in the second half of the game. However, the Hornets are not a team to relinquish control easily and they moved their game up a notch to finish the match victorious, with the score 7-3. Player of the Day was Austin McAlpine for his speed of attack and his accurate shooting. Well done, Hornets!

Miss Sancto

Monday, September 12, 2016



For reasons such as sickness, injury and other duties our team was lacking four important players, which required getting a player from another team to join us. The team played well and in-spite of the absent players, they were able to organise themselves and play a solid game. We ended up winning 7-3 which hopefully puts us in the finals, playing for 1st place next Sunday. I am hopeful that we will have a full complement of players as everyone will be needed.
Players of the Day were Charlotte Sancto-Jones for her great defensive work and then filling in as goal keeper in the 2nd half and Liam Phillipps for his tenacious defensive playing.  Well done to both Players of the Day.

Mr Donovan
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This was the toughest game of the term and one that ended up a loss for Wentworth 0-6. Even though we lost by 6 points our defence was very good. The team played to the game plan and showed solid defence and very good goal keeping. Our strikers had opportunities but failed to convert their shots at goal into points. Players of the Day were William Turton for his goal defence. Rory Brabant for his solid defensive play. Well done.

Mr Donovan


The side-line was buzzing at full time with talk of pride and admiration for this hardworking Asteroids team.  Stanmore Bay Samurai's were tough opponents and the Asteroids really held their own throughout the game.  Gritty and persistent defensive play by the Asteroids team certainly hampered the Samurai's flow.  Overall this new team are certainly coming to grips with the nuances of basketball and they are developing an excellent understanding of positional and strategic court play.  Player of the Day went to Benjamin Rist for his dogged and determined defensive effort throughout the entire game.  Congratulations Ben.  There will be no game on Thursday 8th September as the Leisure Centre is having new hoops installed.  Mrs Houseman will see you all at training on Monday after school.  Monday training will be cancelled if it is raining.

Mrs Houseman (Coach)


Kingsway Inferno came to play and we certainly matched their efforts.  Connections across court were crisp, with the Comets displaying more secure passing this week.  Defensively we played tough, but fair, and I was proud to see such a committed effort from our Comets.  Unfortunately the ball would not fall into the hoop for us this week despite the many goal attempts we had and therefore the scoreboard swung in favour  of Kingsway at full time.  Our Player of the Day went to Corbus Luke for working hard to make himself available on attack and for some quick and accurate passing during the game.  An excellent effort Corbus - well done!  There will be no game on Thursday 8th September as the Leisure Centre is having some new hoops installed.  Enjoy the rest this week and we will see you at training on Sunday.

Mrs McLeish


It was another tough game for the Hornets last week, as they faced SGH Crusaders. Although the teams were evenly matched, the Crusaders just managed to get the ball through the hoop to win the match 6-3. Player of the Day was William Turton for his energy throughout the match. The hardworking Hornets continue to display a strong team spirit and enthusiasm for the game, which sees them get stronger as time goes by.

Miss Sancto


There was yet another amazing netball game from the Wentworth Warriors on Thursday evening.  After getting off to a rough start, the girls quickly got into the mode and took control of the game.  Our attack and defence did not allow the ball to enter into the opposition’s goal in the first quarter.  Rosie was outstanding playing in the position of centre. Wherever the ball was, Rosie was right there.  Charlotte got two incredible goals playing in Goal Shoot.  She read the play well and found great space, as well as getting some great intercepts.  Every team member played extremely well and contributing to the final score of 12-3 to Wentworth.   It was very difficult to choose a player of the day therefore it went to both Rosie and Charlotte.

Mrs King


The first day of Spring was heralded by the sound of many feet in Shakespear Park as the Interschools’ Cross-Country Run took place. We fielded four students from the Primary: Maddie Rist; Austin McAlpine; Annie Duncan and Emily Treble. We were able to support our College Years 7/8 team, who performed extremely well in their respective races and were able to pass on some tips for the tough terrain ahead. Despite some nerves, our runners did a fantastic job, pacing themselves sensibly to leave enough energy for a sprint finish, with Austin and Emily winning their particular battles for the finish line.
Placings: Maddie (29th); Emily (21st); Annie (retired due to injury) and Austin (9th). Each race had well over 50 runners and the competition was extremely tough.
Well done to all our runners.

Miss Sancto


This was a game that allowed the team to swap some of the positions where defenders had a go at strike and strikers had a go at defence. It was great to see the players get an understanding of how difficult each of the roles are. Wentworth won 6v1 and Players of the Day were William Turton for his fast passing from goal and good goal defence. The other Player of the Day was Mikayla Cousinsfor her defensive work and staying on her feet to stop shots at goal. Well done to both players.
Mr Donovan


On Thursday evening it was clear to see how much the Asteroids have improved!
As the Asteroids stepped onto the court you could tell they had something to prove.  The last time the Asteroids met Stella Nicks, the Asteroids were 10 down at the end of game time.  Fast paced attack and some excellent defence saw the Asteroids set the standard early in the match.  Stella Nicks had to fight hard the entire game and even though they won, it was only by 3 points.  Excellent work Asteroids!  The Asteroids are certainly making themselves known as the team to watch in this league!  Player of the Day went to Amy Akehurst for her ability to play with commitment and determination despite the fact that she had been injured early in the game.  Excellent work Amy.
Training times have changed for this exciting team.  Mrs Houseman will train the Asteroids on Monday after school on the astroturf.  Training will end at 4.30pm on Monday.  If it is raining then the Monday training will be cancelled and the Asteroids are to meet in the gym on Sunday morning.

Mrs Houseman (Coach)


What a way to come back, Comets!
Thursday's match against Kingsway Wildfire was phenomenal!  Kingsway led the scoreboard for most of the game, however the Comets' tenacity shone through.  The Comets NEVER gave up and played until the final whistle.  With 23 seconds to go, the score was level at 7 all.  Kingsway were in possession of the ball and as they made their way past half way the Comets intercepted.  Rory grabbed the loose ball and sped towards our basket.  Kingsway were trying to catch him but couldn't.  As Rory reached the key we all heard the "Beep, Beep, Beep",  of the full time buzzer.
We will never know what might have been with two more seconds on the clock but either way those on the sideline were screaming and the Comets walked off the court with beaming smiles on their sweaty faces.  Exciting stuff!
Player of the day went to the entire Comets team for backing up after a tough game last week and giving it their ALL!  Well done Comets.  You should all be proud of yourselves!  NOTE: NO TRAINING THIS SUNDAY DUE TO IT BEING FATHERS DAY!
Mrs McLeish


You just can’t keep a good team down! After their defeat last week, it would have been understandable for our Hornets to take some time to recover. However, that is not the Wentworth way and our Years 5/6 players came out fighting against Red Beach Galaxy. With William injured and Annie otherwise engaged, our team fielded only four players yet still managed to put on a dazzling display of basketball to win their match 10:0. Player of the Day was Shihan Li for her excellent interceptions. Outstanding work, Hornets!  

Miss Sancto

NETBALL - YEARS 5&6 - 29 AUGUST 2016

The Wentworth Warriors just keep getting better every week.  Although we lost 16-10 to Sports Gulf Harbour, it was one of the best games I have seen the team play.  The girls are developing great understanding of both a defensive and attacking game, finding space and defending their partners.  Rosie is proving to be a player to watch as she is very quick to read the game and get into space, as well as having great defence tactics.  Bridie is another player who is dynamic and able to play many positions well.  Maddie is relentless and highly competitive on the court with great shooting ability.  However player of the day went to Emily Li for an amazing defensive game in Goal Defence. She closed her partner down on many occasions.  Without Emily I’m sure the score against us would have been greater.  Well done to all the girls for their perseverance as it was not an easy game in the pouring rain and cold.

Mrs King