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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miniball - 1st April 2016


Whangaparaoa Small Blacks and our Wentworth Comets treated spectators to an extremely exciting game.  Accurate passing and solid defence enabled the Comets to hold the lead for the majority of the game.  Unfortunately for us, Whangaparaoa Small Blacks stole the final basket in the last minute.  Alexander Kawan was our Player of the Day for a second week in a row.  Alexander is a developing into a  determined defender who relentlessly chases his opposition all over the court.  Keep up the great work Alexander!  

Fast paced, end to end playing saw the Wentworth Asteroids leave it all out on the court on Thursday night.  Kingsway Wildfire were fierce competitors yet we matched them in pace, spirit and our overall teamwork.  Each week we improve our game tactics, team combinations and miniball skills.  We showed intense defence skills and strong accurate passing on attack.  Congratulations to Oliver Le Cheminant, our Player of the Day, for what can only described as the GREATEST steal of the game..  Excellent skills Ollie!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Meteors - Monday 21 March 2016

The Meteors had a tough game last week against the feisty SGH Swish team. They still had fun out on the court and managed to pick up tips from the opposition.  Daniel was awarded Player of the Day for his great defence and clever passing. Keep at it, Meteors!

Rockets - Monday 21 March 2016

The Rockets were up against one of the top teams in the whole competition: Kingsway Pulse. Having already beaten one Kingsway team and drawn against another, they knew that Pulse would be looking for a convincing win. In the first half, Pulse’s experience in this league showed and the Rockets found the pace of the game challenging. However, all credit to our team, which played a strong defence game in the second half. They slowed Pulse to a fraction of their earlier speed and frustrated their fluent style of play. It must be remembered that the Rockets have been promoted from the Y3/4 league straight into the top tier of the Y5/6 league and each player has upped their game to meet this challenge. Our Player of the Day was Austin McAlpine, whose marking of the top, lightning-fast Kingsway player was breathtaking!

Asteroids - Monday 21 March 2016

The Asteroids are quickly picking up the nuances of miniball and are certainly solidifying their place as the team to watch!  Last night the Asteroids demonstrated some excellent defence, shadowing their opponents like stalking jaguars.  Each week the Asteroids improve in a specific area of the game and it is exciting to see this team put their new pivoting and dribbling skills into action.  The Player of the Day this week went to Atia Houseman for her on court determination.  Atia did not stop running and was always available to receive a pass on attack.  Great stuff Atia!  See you all at training on Sunday where we will work on dribbling with one hand and then passing or shooting when we touch the ball with two hands.

Comets - Monday 21 March 2016

It was truly a game of two halves this week.  Going into half-time the Comets were leading however Stanmore Bay 2 fought back in the second half to steal the game.  It was a great display of defence from the Comets and there were many exciting passages of attacking play.  A very big thank you to Cameron Rowell from the Whanga Small Blacks and our very own Connor Brabant for filling in when needed!  Thank you both.  Our Player of Day went to Rory Brabant who was an unstoppable force on court.  Well done Rory you were all over the other team showing us all your speed and game tactics.  Great effort!  At training we will focus on stealing the ball from the opposition and defending the goal when the other team is shooting.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MiniBall - Asteroids - 7 March 2016

Our Asteroids tore up the court on Thursday demonstrating strong defensive tactics and exciting attacking play.  Our two new players Ella and James definitely made their presence known on court and they are a welcome addition to our team.  Stella Maris were formidable opponents yet tough one on one marking ensured that the Asteroids came out on top on the scoreboard.  Well done to Benjamin Rist for his relentless attack and fair play on court.  See you all at training on Sunday morning.

MiniBall - Comets - 7 March 2016

The scoreboard swung back and forth like a pendulum on Thursday night when the Comets faced the Red Beach Jets.  The game was so tight that the teams could not be split at 7 - 7.  Both teams were evenly matched with players from each team dominating the court during different phases.  There were some exciting plays to witness as the Comets sent the ball up and down the court ensuring that all players were involved - amazing Teamwork!  Well done!  Our player of the day went to birthday boy Corbus Luke - Happy Birthday Corbus and congratulations on your great court play!

Basketball - Rockets - 7 March 2016

The Rockets faced another Kingsway team last week – KW Impact. It was another tough match with both teams playing hard and battling to take control of the game. At half-time the Rockets were behind but they rallied in the second half to produce amazing passes, quick breaks and they pulled level. With seconds to go, the Rockets played the ball down to Austin, who launched a shot at the hoop. The spectators held their breath but, sadly, the ball bounced off the rim and the score remained at 8:8. A mighty game from the Rockets – well done, team! Player of the Day was Maddie Rist for outstanding court awareness. Her speed and accuracy of passing was superb.