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Monday, June 27, 2016


The team is definitely starting to come together. The awareness of positional play, passing and looking for gaps is becoming more apparent which is resulting in a more fluid style of play. The strikers are starting to be fed clean ball by the defenders which is opening up scoring opportunities.
Player of the Day was William Turton for passing the ball between himself and the other strikers and taking good shots at goal.

Mr Donovan


With sharp passing and quick communication the Asteroids pulled another win!  It was a close and competitive game winning 2-1.  Oliver Le Cheminant was named Player of Day for his ability to find the open space on the court.  Well done Ollie!

Mrs Houseman (Parent)


We had a rushed start to our game this week which put the Comets on the back foot, however they pulled together in the second half and worked together brilliantly.
It is exciting to see how they are getting the hang of defending and blocking their opponents and becoming confident in holding onto the ball and dribbling it instead of passing it straight away.
Although we were pipped at the post by the Whanga Fasties, 5-4, it was a close match and the Comets kept on trying their best until the final whistle blew. Good on you, Comets!
Player of the Day was awarded to Rosa as she never gave up, made an effort to dribble the ball more and put in a huge effort to move around the court and to help out her team mates.

Mrs Clark


The Hornets took on Stanmore Bay 7 last week in an exciting game, which saw some excellent positional play by our team. Although the first half was evenly matched, the Hornets returned supercharged to the court for the second half and took the playing up several levels. With excellent passing and determined attack, they dominated the remainder of the game, finishing 19-6. Shihan Li was named Player of the Day for her on-court energy and outstanding play. Well done, Hornets!

Miss Sancto

NETBALL - YEARS 5 & 6 - 27 JUNE 2016

An absolutely smashing game was played by the netball girls on Thursday evening.  After the first quarter it was a draw, 2-2.  Our girls went into the second quarter firing to take the lead and from there on they dominated the game.  Maddie was on good form, putting up goal after goal apart from one time when the ball just would not go into the hoop.  Orewa couldn’t break through our defence of Mia, Emily and Kiera.  All the girls are beginning to play as a team and use the court to their advantage.   The final score was 14-3 to Wentworth.  Well done girls on a great game and result.  Player of the day was Emily in Goal Keep with some spectacular intercepts.

Mrs Clark

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Football fever gripped Wentworth Primary last week as our Years 5/6 squad, the Wentworth Tigers, set off to play in the Rodney Interschools Soccer Tournament. Our team was a new entity containing a mix of experienced players and novices, who had only a couple of training sessions together before the big day. Nevertheless, they were determined to do their best and enthusiastically took to the pitch for the group matches. As there was no mixed league this year, our team was in the Boys ‘B’ League, playing Warkworth 1 (loss), Stanmore Bay (loss) and Silverdale (win). They also played against Kingsway Thunder, a team from the Boys ‘A’ League and beat them (2-1) in a tough match. Although the Tigers did not qualify for the semi-finals, the team grew stronger and stronger with each game and it was exciting to see each player develop their skills and strategies over the course of the day. Congratulations to all our wonderful players and a huge thank you to the College students who coached our team during lunchtimes.
Wentworth Tigers: Mia Clark, Mikayla Cousins, Raphael Day, Annie Duncan, Austin McAlpine, Liam Phillipps, Maddie Rist, Charlotte Sancto-Jones, Bridie Smith and William Turton.


There was a huge improvement from the whole team, the goal keeping, passing and communication between defenders and strikers were excellent. The defenders defended the goal stoutly which allowed our keeper to clear the ball to the midfield who passed it to the strikers.
Player of the Day was Bridie Smith for her excellent positioning and strategic playmaking. Well done.
Mr Donovan


The Asteroids certainly took it to Kingsway Edge on Thursday evening.  Feisty defence and smart attacking options saw the score remain close between the two teams.  Fitness and fatigue took their toll on our young Asteroids with Kingsway ironically ‘edging’ us out of the winner's circle during the final half.  The Asteroids are certainly displaying some excellent team tactics and it is lovely to watch the attacking connections  grow in this newly formed team.  Player of the Day went to Jessica Rensen who demonstrated dogged and determined defence for the entire match.  Well done Jessica – you continue to improve in all areas of the game each week!  See you all on Sunday at training.
Mrs McLeish


The Comets held their own in their closely matched game against Kingsway Wildfire.  Both teams were competitive and the score swung like a pendulum throughout the first half.  Kingsway managed to take the game in the dying minutes of the second half, yet it was no easy feat as the Comets put in a gallant effort until the final hooter sounded!  Close matches are often a test of our physical fitness and fatigue started to get to us at the end of the game.  This is certainly something we can continue to work on at our Sunday morning training sessions.  Player of the Day this week went to Jared Davies who, despite having been unwell during the week, was our superstar shooter!  Well done Jared.
Mrs McLeish


The Hornets had tough opponents in the form of Red Beach Supanova last week. It was a fast-paced, exciting game with both teams fighting to keep control of the ball and, with one player running late, the Hornets were fielding a short team for most of the first half. The Supanova team finally out-ran our players, with the score finishing 8:2 but the Hornets played tremendously well. Austin McAlpine was named Player of the Day for his determined chasing of the ball and excellent defensive work. Thank you to Michelle Jordan for stepping in as manager for this game.
Miss Sancto

NETBALL - YEARS 5 & 6 - 20 JUNE 2016

This week was really fantastic. We played Stanmore Bay and won 13-0. It was great to see how the Wentworth Warriors pulled together; we are starting to work really well as a team. Our passing has improved and the team are learning to read each other’s game which is helping.
Maddie and Annabelle worked brilliantly together at goal, and Teresa popped up all over the place wherever she was needed. Player of the day went to Mia for her wonderful intercepting and great general play.
Mrs Clark

Sunday, June 12, 2016


This week saw some very strong defensive work and communication between all the defenders. The strikers positioned themselves so that they could maximise their goal score opportunities and it was great to see some spectacular goals being scored. It was also nice to see some accurate ball passing from defence to mid, and then onto the strikers.
Player of the Day was Isabella Ovenden for excellent positional play and striking capabilities.

Mr Donovan


The Hornets had a storming match last week against Stanmore Bay 8, winning 16-0. Passing and positioning were the order of the day, with the Hornets buzzing all over the court to find space. Annie Duncan was the Player of the Day for outstanding defensive work. Well done, Team!

Miss Sancto


It was a tough outing for our Comets this week.  Whanga Thunder are a formidable opponent and they certainly showed us some flamboyant basketball moves.  Each member of our team walked off the court at full time with rosy red faces that were covered in sweat!  Player of the Day this week went to the entire Comets team for demonstrating a committed attitude and for never giving up.  We are a better team when we play tough opposition and each of you deserve to be congratulated for giving it your all and leaving everything on the court.  Well done Comets.  See you at training on Sunday.

Mrs McLeish


The Asteroids showed up to play this week!  The scoreboard did not reflect the effort, skill and commitment demonstrated on court.  Passing was accurate, defence was fierce, and all above else, the Asteroids had fun.  This team is becoming an EXCITEMENT MACHINE and they are certainly on my ‘MUST WATCH’ list for the week.  Player of the Day was awarded to Benjamin Rist for demonstrating the skills he has developed in training and showing us some excellent low passing bounce balls.  Well done Asteroids.  See you at training.

Mrs McLeish

NETBALL YEARS 5 & 6 - 13 JUNE 2016

We had an extremely tough game last week in the persistent rain plus being three players down.  However we soldered on by borrowing a player from the opposition team.  Everyone played their hearts out but the odds were stacked against us.  The defence had work consistently hard to stop the oppostion scoring.  When we managed to get the ball down to our end of the court, Maddie put the ball through the hoop and scored a goal.  We lost 11-3 to Silverdale.   Teresa Sell was player of the day for great defence as WD.

Mrs King

Monday, June 6, 2016


Despite the fact that Mrs Houseman could not make it to the game due to illness, the Asteroids soldiered onto the court ready to face Stanmore Bay 4.  Confidence was the main word that spread up and down the sideline.  The Asteroids were brave, determined and did I say CONFIDENT…..facing their opponents.  This new group are developing excellent teamwork and many players are beginning to demonstrate the skills to free themselves from their opposition, to get ready to receive the ball.  Communication has improved already and it was great to hear players calling for the ball – well done Jessica.  Our much deserved ‘Player of the Day’ went to Amy Akehurst for her tenacious defence and exciting attacking play.  You really committed to the ball, Amy – Keep it up!  See you all at training on Sunday.

MINIBALL - COMETS - 7 June 2016

The Red Beach Rockets were a formidable opponent last week and our Comets worked hard to meet the challenge.  Unfortunately the scoreboard did not reflect the commitment, effort and teamwork demonstrated on the court by the Comets.  Our team are becoming strategic game players and are developing excellent connections with each other.  We look forward to working on our key defence to ensure we can combat any attacking team who is trying to score in our hoop.  ‘Player of the Day’ went to Jared Davies for his excellent defence.  Jared, your speed and commitment on defence was fabulous.  Keep up the amazing jumping when screening the ball – it is impressive!  Well done.  See you all on Sunday.


The Hornets faced Sport Gulf Harbour Ally Oops last week and put their newly-developed game strategies to the test. 
With improved passing, communication and positional play, the Hornets hit their stride and took control of the match. The final score was 14-0 with Annie Duncan named as "Player of the Day" for all-round improvement and shooting accuracy. Well done, Hornets!