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Monday, August 14, 2017


Cross Country
What a stroke of luck we had on Friday! A break in the clouds over Gulf Harbour allowed the annual Primary School Cross-Country Run to go ahead as scheduled. Our students had been in training for many weeks, increasing their fitness levels and stamina in preparation for this event. Their determination to give it their all shone through, as each student completed the challenging course, with some recording personal bests and others pushing themselves to their limits. The atmosphere was superb, with parents and students cheering on all the competitors and encouraging them across the finishing line. A huge thank you to our Year 11 College students for marshalling the event and for running with our young athletes. Congratulations to all our runners – you were all champions!
The fastest finishers in each class were as follows:

Year 1 - 1st: Harry Xu and Elin Cameron; 2nd: Jack Roberts and Chloe Chisholm; 3rd: Charles Mao and Selena Woolsey.
Year 2 - 1st: Alex Krehl and Isabella Paxton; 2nd: Connor Brabant and Sophie Imparato; 3rd: Beeno Yang.
Year 3 - 1st: Aston Carter and Chelsea Paxton; 2nd: Oscar Gore and Poppy Hickmer; 3rd: Jack Chisholm and Sienna Phillipps.
Year 4 - 1st: Ben Rist and Amy Akehurst; 2nd: Xavier Melhop and Atia Houseman; 3rd: Daniel Still and Ella Nathan.
Year 5 - 1st: Jared Davies and Annabelle Duncan; 2nd: Rory Brabant and Vivien Zhang; 3rd: Alexander Kawan and Rosie Roberts.
Year 6 - 1st: Edison Zhang and Bridie Smith; 2nd: Jahn Komorowski and Bethany Smith; 3rd: Ethan Mai and Charlotte Sancto-Jones.
The following students have qualified to represent Wentworth Primary at the Interschools Cross Country event on 31st August;
Year 5: Jared Davies, Rory Brabant, Annie Duncan and Vivien Zhang.
Year 6: Edison Zhang, Jahn Komorowski, Bridie Smith and Bethany Smith.
In addition, the winning House for the Cross Country was McDonald with 94 points, followed by Findlay with 80 points and Fleming with 76 points. Well done McDonald House.