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Monday, May 7, 2018


he sun shone brightly on our Wentworth Weetbix Tryathletes but it was not quite as bright as the smiles on faces as they crossed the finish line!  Their commitment, dedication and 'give-it-a-go' attitude impressed all of the spectators as we witnessed our students challenge themselves to complete a swim, cycle and run............all before midday. To top off a fabulous event, Wentworth won a prize for the highest percentage of triathletes based on the school roll!  Wow!  What an achievement!  Once again, Wentworth has 'punched above its weight' (as Mr D would say) and proven that we may be a small school but we are HUGE in terms of both our school pride and our participation! Weetbix sponsored sports equipment and a chilli-bin filled with Watties products will be heading our way with help from Teresa Sell's family who kindly transported the goodies after the event.  Thank you!  A big thank you must also go to Michael Coutts and the team of Wentworth College students who gave up their free time to set up tents and give support to our budding athletes.  We appreciate their efforts and thank them for being such fabulous role models for their younger peers and ambassadors for the school.  Appreciation must also be given to all of the parents and families who awoke early Sunday morning and helped our Tryathletes prepare and get ready to make it to the start line. Without you, none of this would be possible.  Thank you!
Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to take a group photo as we were collecting our fabulous prize, so please keep your Weetbix T-shirts and medals handy as we will be requesting that you bring these into school for a group photo before the end of the term.
Bring on next year’s event!