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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Red Beach Rockets are an excellent miniball team and in the past they have beaten us by some very large margins - NOT this week however.  Although we did not go home with the win we certainly were not easy opposition.  Our defensive game was excellent.  The Rockets had many attempts at goal that were thwarted by the well positioned hands of a Comets player.  Whilst there were some excellent passes between our players this week, we are still using too many long loping lob throws which are easily intercepted by our opponents.  This is an area of our game that we can continue to work on.  Player of the Day this week went to Rosa Clark.  Rosa has come to miniball from a netball background where she is used to catching and then immediately passing the ball.  This week Rosa was working hard to catch the ball and dribble before passing, and it was great to see Rosa introduce this skill in her game.  Rosa was also available to receive some tricky passes.  Excellent work Rosa!

Mrs McLeish