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Sunday, December 10, 2017


The scoreboard is the traditional measure of the success of a sports team. However this is not always an accurate or reflective measure of a team's performance.  Our Asteroids may have finished behind on the scoreboard, yet the improvement in their skills-base was obvious!  The Asteroids' dribbling was purposeful, their defense was relentless and their passing was accurate.  We had many shots at goal that just didn't stick this time but next time they just MIGHT!  The scoreboard didn't show the Asteroids' fight, determination and effort across the court.  Thank you to Connor Brabant for filling in at short notice and well done to Rory for playing on after suffering an injury.  Our Player of the Day deservedly went to Bethany Smith who defended tirelessly and protected each and every ball with slick passing and careful dribbling. Well done Bethany!  It is exciting watching this team improve each week and I look forward to Tuesday's game!

Basketball training will be held at Wentworth Primary on Sunday mornings at 9am.

Mrs McLeish