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Sunday, November 6, 2016


It’s been a hard-fought couple of weeks for the Hornets as they have faced some tough opposition in their Term 4 grading games. In their first match against Red Beach Supanova, the Hornets battled bravely and displayed strong team spirit but, despite some excellent play, they were unable to get the ball through the hoop to score. The match finished 6:0, with William Turton named as Player of the Day for his constant effort throughout the game.
Putting that behind them, the Hornets faced Stanmore Bay Centurions in their second grading game. Refreshed and ready for anything, they took complete control of the game from the outset. With absolute determination, they put on an outstanding display and finished the game with a score of 10:0. The Player of the Day was Joshua Hill for his awesome play.

Miss Sancto