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Sunday, November 6, 2016


We won and my oh my, what a game!  It was without a doubt a full team effort.  All seven members of the Comets contributed to this exciting win.  Rory's passes were like watching a hot knife slice through butter - smooth and accurate.  Alex left it all out on the court as he raced up and down interrupting the attacking flow of the Stanmore Bay Spitfires.  His shooting was phenomenal too! Emily found an inner warrior and was extremely disruptive on defence.  Jared's eye was in, as he made some exciting long shots look easy.  Rosie attacked the ball in defence with a determined spirit not seen before.  Rosa's on court positioning was excellent as she was always ready to receive some tricky passes from her team. Corbus stole the ball from the opposition demonstrating his commitment on defence.  I am sure that you can all understand why it was impossible for one player to be singled out this week so the Player of the Day trophy went to the entire COMETS team!  Well done to each of you; see you all at training next Wednesday at lunch time!

Thursday 27 October - With tired legs the Comets stepped onto the court to face the SGH Titans.  MOTAT certainly drained our energy yet we were determined to give it our best shot.  At half time things looked a little dire.  The Comets were feeling a bit lack lustre and because of this the Titans were running us ragged all over the court.  Yet, after a quick half time recharge we stepped back onto the court with fire in our bellies and a defensive display that was exciting to watch.  Whilst the scoreboard betrayed us, we certainly demonstrated some exquisite passing and fiery defence.  Our Player of the Day went to Emily McLeish for an exceptional effort on defence.  Congratulations Emily.  On Wednesday, our team will work on dribbling to ensure that we are not just playing a catch and pass style of game.  See you Wednesday!

Mrs McLeish