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Sunday, November 20, 2016


Had we measured attempts at goal then I certainly think the Asteroids would have come out on top but, unfortunately, the ball was not finding the basket on Thursday.  The Asteroids pushed RB Astronauts hard all game, even though the final score did not reflect the Asteroids' efforts.  As a team everyone stepped up and worked hard to find a good position on attack but it was the Astronauts who interrupted the flow of the ball.  Defensive play was fierce with the Asteroids foiling many passes and hoops.  Well done to Kahn Heath, our Player of the Day, for his gallant efforts.  Kahn hurt his finger, dusted himself off and continued to play through the pain.  Congratulations Kahn for demonstrating a great commitment to your team mates.  See you all at training next week.
Mrs McLeish, Mrs Houseman