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Sunday, November 6, 2016


We won!  This game had us all on the edge of our seats and I am sure that many a spectator lost their voice after all of the sideline cheering.  SGH Titans were a formidable opposition with the score on the board swinging like a pendulum between both teams.  Our Asteroids were certainly dogged, scrappy and determined on defence, which gave us the winning edge.  Teamwork was the difference this week, with every member of the Asteroids backing up each other!  Passing was accurate.  Defence was solid, and everyone gave it their all.  There was no single Player of the Day this week as the entire team deserved the trophy.  Congratulations to each of you for your effort and commitment throughout this game.  It is certainly going to be an exciting season!

Mrs McLeish

The Asteroids showed today that they are a team to be looking out for. Taking on the strong team of Whanga Thunder, they surprised them with their determination and defence. The final score was a loss but with the defence,  produced by the Asteroids, kept the score down with many missed shots and lost rebounds for Whanga. The Asteroids are improving week after week and are on the way to great wins in the future. Congratulations to Ben Rist for Player of the Day for his hustle, rebounds and controlled shooting. Welcome to Kahn Heath. Great work team to you all!

Mrs Houseman