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Sunday, November 20, 2016


Summer Soccer Results
It is always good to hear from excited children, parents and managers just how well all our children are playing. More importantly, the sporting attitudes and enthusiasm of our students (even when matches go against us) is outstanding.
Years 1&2 Wentworth Wonders lost their game against Dairy Flat Captains but held Red Beach Mix to a 1-1 draw. Player of the Day was Ethan Jordan.
Years 3&4 Wentworth Wildcats lost both matches against Orewa Utd and RB Falcons but Jared did manage to get onto the score sheet! Player of the Day was Ananda Krageloh.
Years 5&6 Wentworth Warriors also lost their games against KW Hawks and SGHB, the latter being particularly close. Player of the Day was Mia Clark.
Miss Sancto